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Developing essential models to evaluate emissions from construction machinery

Xiaoliang Ma shares his thoughts on the development of an accurate model to evaluate the emissions from construction machinery in different construction operations, in conjunction with the Construction Climate Challenge initiative.

Q&A with xiaoliang ma

Q: Do you think there is enough investigation into how construction machines can reduce the CO2 emissions?
A: No, the current research still focuses on NOx, known as the main gas emissions from diesel engines that are very harmful to human health. CO2 sensors were not deployed in our experiment, though we collected detailed fuel consumption data, which is highly correlated to CO2.


Q: Was there anything that surprised you with your findings?
A: The main unexpected result is that we can get so much data that is normally expensive to collect. This is due to the support from our Chinese partners and they have a relevant project funded by Chinese National Science Foundation. The pre-study indeed helps us enhance the collaboration. The research result is quite promising.


Q: What are your thoughts on eco-driving as a way to reduce emissions?
A: Operational behavior has obviously effects on emissions. We actually collected emissions data produced from different machine operators when operating the same driving cycle.


Q: What would you say the most important findings of your study were?
A: I think our approach to quantify the emissions during the construction process is an important finding. When we attended and presented our research result in the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) annual meeting in the US in January, we found that our colleagues in EPA are working in the same direction, which was quite encouraging.

Q: Are you planning on continuing the research?
A: Even though we finished the report, we are still working on the topics in collaboration with our partners. I feel quite excited to be part of this initiative. There are still lots to do to achieve our goals of reducing emissions and improving energy efficiency for construction operations. However, I believe we are on track.

Q: What do you think is really important for the construction industry right now?
A: I think all players in the industry should recognize that this is serious and strategic, and it is time that everyone should start acting. Sustainability has to be implemented with emerging technologies.

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Full report

CCC - Developing essential models to evaluate emissions from construction machinery

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