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Volvo concept vehicle Gryphin

GRYPHIN Wheel Loader concept

Agile, electric and intelligent

Gryphin wheel loader concept

The Gryphin concept model has been designed to emit almost no harmful emissions – and not just exhaust emissions, vibrations and noise will also be almost eradicated. The machine features a single spar boom, a zero-emission electric hybrid engine, noiseless electrical wheel motors and fully independent wheels so it can literally ‘climb’ to dump its load.

Zero-emission electric hybrid engine
Not only is the Gryphin cleaner and quieter – it boasts better performance too. Unlike diesel engines, electrical motors have maximum torque from the instant they are turned on, and a regenerative power system means the batteries are recharged whenever the wheel loader brakes. It is estimated that this system could lead to energy savings of over 50%.
Fully independent wheels

The lack of a traditional driveline and axles allows the adoption of intelligent independent suspension.
This not only offers a more comfortable ride for the operator, with fewer vibrations entering the cab, but also allows for variable ride height.
The frame can be lowered for high speed haul cycles, reducing the center of gravity and making higher speeds possible with no loss of comfort or stability.
The frame can also be raised; increasing ground clearance over rough ground and offering greater dump heights while maintaining stability.

Single spar boom

Volvo wheel loaders have long been admired for their high breakout forces and excellent parallel lift. Gryphin brings these skills to a new level by introducing a solid, yet light, center boom. Not only does this improve lifting performance and reduce torsional stresses, the absence of traditional front boom linkages allows a much better view of the work area.

Intelligent cab glass

Views from the driver's seat are excellent in every direction; made possible by all-round glazing and lattice see-through pillars. The glass in the cab is intelligent: heating up in cold weather to prevent frost or condensation and becoming darker in bright sunlight to act as giant sunglasses.

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