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Volvo concept vehicle Fenix

FENIX paver-compactor CONCEPT

A futuristic blend of form and function


The Fenix concept asphalt paver-compactor is fast, flexible and intelligent as well as clean, easy-to-use and friendly on the environment. While clearly a Volvo, it’s almost unrecognizable as a paver: Fenix radically redraws the traditional profile. In fact it is much more than just a paver – it’s a fully integrated highway paving/finishing system.

Governed by a single operator

Fenix is a single unit that performs both paving and compacting in a carefully choreographed fashion.

The ingenious POD system

Unlike traditional pavers, which depend on the arrival of hot asphalt-filled trucks, Fenix uses Volvo’s ingenious pod system. The pods are laid out in front of the approaching Fenix at predetermined spaces.

Each super-insulated unit is filled with 17 tonnes of asphalt mix, made from environmentally friendly, quick-curing organic binder. Once emptied of its asphalt, each lightweight pod collapses automatically into a space-saving compact size, ready for return and recycling to the mixing plant.

A state-of-the-art cab

The operator of the future will no longer be exposed to the elements, and will board Fenix via the inclined ramp. Once safely seated in air conditioned comfort, the entire cab can be elevated to give a commanding worksite overview. By using video cameras, the operator will benefit from excellent all-round visibility and total control.

Hydraulics using water instead of oil

Fenix’s hydraulics use distilled and de-ionized water instead of oil. Not only is this less expensive and more environmentally friendly, but it also means that any leakages won't cause a problem. Using distilled water also has the technical advantage of making the machine more energy efficient, due to water’s low viscosity.

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