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This is not a drill. This is not a trend nor a fad. This is imperative. This is the future. Volvo CE’s commitment to a better tomorrow now manifests itself in the strongest possible terms: by going electric. And you’re invited to join us on the journey.

Moving with the current

When confronted with the challenge of building a better tomorrow, you have to pick a side. Between positive and negative. Between action and apathy. At Volvo CE, we’ve picked our side, we’ve committed to changing the status quo. We’ve made our stance and decided on which path to take. We’re moving with the current, towards an electric, sustainable, future.

Electromobility solutions

The future belongs to everyone. But, more and more, it’s become clear that the future needs help. By enhancing it, by bettering it. And by improving what we, as a company, can offer.

This isn’t just about developing and building machines. This is something that we must do, and we do it by initiating a paradigm shift in our technology solutions, by switching power sources for our drivetrains. We do our part by electrifying the future.

Our ambition

In our continuous work to innovate and improve, we’ve now taken the first steps towards fulfilling an ambition: to be the industry leader in electromobility. In order to build the world we want to live in, and to support a sustainable industry, we now introduce an electric mindset. An electric future.

The Benefits

The benefits of switching diesel-powered machines for fossil-free, electric counterparts are numerous. They offer the same performance levels but with zero exhaust emissions, allowing them to meet emissions targets, while also opening up applications not feasible with a diesel engine.

Of equal importance are the significant reductions in noise pollution they offer. Noise is not just disturbing, it has an often-neglected effect on health. Lower noise levels also enable night time work in city centres, reducing daytime congestion.

These are benefits that can easily be appreciated by those within the industry – but just as importantly society as a whole. As an added bonus, electric machines provide energy efficiency way beyond any of their predecessors.

Volvo Group electric research and technology

The Emobility Know-how

Volvo CE has been developing and adapting electric technology through a number of research projects and concept models for a long time. And across the Volvo Group, our colleagues at Volvo Trucks, Volvo Buses and Volvo Penta are at the forefront of emobility in their respective industries.

Through hard work, engineering ingenuity and hard-earned experiences, we’ve developed electric solutions that never compromise on performance while providing all the benefits of electric power.

Charging the Volvo CE L25 electric wheel loader

The Promise

This isn’t just an aspiration. Our commitment to an electric future is clear and tangible. By mid-2020 we will begin to launch a range of electric compact excavators (EC15 to EC27) and electric wheel loaders (L20 to L28), stopping new diesel engine-based development of these models.

In parallel, we will keep working to find additional opportunities for electromobility across all product ranges and applications. We want to be able to offer our customers clean, efficient solutions that deliver on performance and productivity. We want to be able to offer responsible, sustainable products, a clear path to a better tomorrow.

Electromobility by Volvo CE

Up to 8 hrs runtime on a single charge


Up to 8 hrs runtime on a single charge.

Charge up to 80% in as little as 1–2 hrs


Charge up to 80% in as little as 1–2 hrs.

Zero exhaust emissions


Zero exhaust emissions.

Volvo CE presents

Electric Compact Range

From ever more urbanized cities to rural farms, compact equipment is all around us. It is also a segment that continues to grow, putting us all in increasingly closer proximity. By introducing our first electric compact machines, we hope to steer this growth in the right direction.

Runtime Up to 8 hours
Off-board fast charging 80% recharge in 2 hours
On-board 230 VAC charger 12 hour recharge
Main specifications
Weight 4.9 t
Tipping load 3.35 t full-turn tipping load
Bucket size 0.9 m³ standard bucket
Fork 2 t payload fork
Breakout force 49 kN
Dump height 2.5 m
Runtime Up to 8 hours
Off-board fast charging 80% recharge in 1 hour
On-board 230 VAC charger 6 hour recharge
Main specifications
Weight 2.5 t
Breakout force 20.2 kN
Max. digging depth 2.76 m
Max. dump height 3.07 m
Melker Jernberg President Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo CE is delivering on its commitment of Building Tomorrow by driving leadership in electromobility

Melker Jernberg, President, Volvo Construction Equipment

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Building tomorrow by Volvo Construction Equipment

Building Tomorrow

At Volvo CE we are driven by the idea that through imagination, hard work and technological innovation we will lead the way towards developing a world that is cleaner, smarter, and more connected. We believe in a sustainable future. And with the global construction industry as our arena, we work together with our customers to turn this belief into reality for people everywhere. That is our purpose, and we live and breathe it. Every day.

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