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Volvo EC300E Hybrid

Simple Solution, Big Savings
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Featuring unique hydraulic hybrid Volvo technology, the EC300E Hybrid utilizes the boom down motion to charge accumulators, with the stored energy used to drive assist motors which power the hydraulic pump.The result is a 12% to 17% increase in fuel efficiency while delivering all the power and performance you would expect from a conventional EC300E. 

Simply reliable

The uncomplicated and reliable hybrid solution is easy to maintain and consists of just a handful of add-on components, meaning no disruption or complication to how the high performing EC300E is engineered.

Cleaner and greener

The EC300E Hybrid reduces CO₂ emissions by 10 to 12% making it a more environmentally respectful choice, especially when working in built-up areas.

The value of efficiency

When working in dig and dump applications, the EC300E Hybrid is a straightforward solution with big payback. Save fuel, lower emissions and boost the profitability of your operation.


How does it work?
Stored hydraulic oil in the accumulators, coming from the boom down motion, drives an assist hydraulic motor to support the hydraulic pump and engine.
The solution uses simple and unique hybrid technology.
It is easy to maintain and repair compared to competitor electric hybrid excavators.

What about performance?
The machine provides the same levels of controllability and performance you would expect from the equivalent conventional machine, and 12% up to 17% fuel efficiency improvement dependent on application.

What about investment?
Based on an operation which:

• Consumes 20 liters per an hour
• Operates 9 hours per day, 22 days each month, 12 months a year
Will pay itself back within 12 months with 17% fuel efficiency improvement. 

What about compatibility?

• Eco Mode: No limitations. You can work in Eco Mode and Hybrid Mode at the same time.

• Dig Assist: No limitations compared to conventional EC300E

What about availability? 
While not commercially available yet, EC300E hybrids are currently undergoing field tests at customer sites in order to validate the technology in real world applications.

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