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Volvo concept vehicle Centaur


Reinventing the articulated hauler

Centaur hauler concept

The Centaur is swift, flexible, strong and intelligent. And while recognizably a Volvo, Centaur radically redraws the traditional hauler profile. With its ultra-compact front unit, arched back and super-sized wheels, there is no doubt that this is a strong, fast moving animal.

Change work application rapidly

The design opens up the possibility to rapidly change work application by uncoupling the front ‘tractor’ from the ‘trailer’ – allowing you to easily switch from a hauler to a pipe or log carrier and then a liquid container.

All-round laser proximity scanner

Protected by an all-round laser proximity scanner, the machine is always aware of people and objects in its immediate vicinity. This device is coupled with a proactive protection system that both tries to avoid collision and absorbs the forces of impact should one occur.

Ultra-efficient electric hybrid drive system

The Centaur moves almost silently thanks to its ultra-efficient electric hybrid drive system, which is further helped by regenerative braking systems and solar panels to power auxiliary controls. Hydraulics are minimized and where they do exist, they are filled with water not oil. The Centaur uses its electrical generator to power independent motors inside each wheel – allowing the wheels to move freely over rough surfaces.

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