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Welcome to Volvo Construction Equipment in Braås

The birthplace of the world’s first articulated hauler, the DR631, is also where the complete range of articulated haulers is being produced today and the next-generation developed for tomorrow. In addition to the highly automated production process there's also an extensive test facility. And the site can brag about being the first CO2 neutral factory in the industry.

Volvo Construction Equipment in Braås also has support functions for aftermarket support, IT, HR, finance, and communication as well as global marketing.


The Braås factory was built in 1955 by the Lihnell brothers, who also manufactured powered trailers for tractors in the province of Östergötland under the brand name Lihnells Vagn AB. At about the same time cooperation was launched with Bolinder-Munktell in Eskilstuna, then a subsidiary of AB Volvo. Joint development efforts by the two companies led to a new hauler model in 1959, but the vehicle still had difficulty making its way in rough off-road terrain. The solution came in 1966 when the world’s first articulated hauler with all-wheel drive, the DR631, was introduced. 1967 saw the launch of the DR860, an articulated hauler with a driven bogie, which together with its successor the DR861 became a big seller the world over.


Phone: 46 470 77 95 00 (switchboard)

Address: Volvo CE, Carl Lihnells Väg, S-360 42 Braås

Gisela Wikström

Susanna Henningsson

Opening hours: 07.00-17.00

Volvo Construction Equipment
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