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Our business
We are a major international company that develops, manufactures and markets equipment for construction and related industries. We don't only offer a broad range of products, but also efficient worldwide service and a range of customer solutions in, for example, financing and used equipment.

We are part of The Volvo Group.

In the mid 1800s in Eskilstuna, Sweden, by Johan Theofron Munktell and Jean and Carl Gerhard Bolinder.

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Dealers and markets
213 dealers in 145 countries and 1549 locations. Products and services offered in 145 markets globally.

Number of employees
More than 14.000 as of September 2016 (85 different nationalities).

Netsales and operating income
Netsales in 2016 was SEK 50,731 M. Operating income in 2016 was SEK 2,246 M. More financial information on the Volvo Group website.

Volvo CE, Terex Trucks, SDLG.

Our plants
We have factories in Sweden, France, Germany, US, Brazil, India, China and Korea.

Our locations

Headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. Find contact information and address here.

Company management
Martin Weissburg, Member of the Volvo Group Executive Board and President of Volvo Construction Equipment. You can find full overview here.

OuR certificates
  • ISO 9001 (quality)
  • ISO 14001 (environmental care)
  • OHSAS 18001 (occupational health & safety)
  • Jinan ISO 9001 (China)
  • Jinan ISO 14001 (China)
  • Jinan OHSAS 18001 (China)
  • Linyi/Shanghai ISO 9001 (China)
  • Linyi/Shanghai ISO 14001 (China)
  • Linyi/Shanghai OHSAS 18001(China)
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Key CSR projects
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Industry segments and customer types

Segments and sales/segment
  • Building 31%
  • Heavy Infrastructure 18%
  • Road Construction 17%
  • Quarries & Aggregates 7%
  • Mining 6%
  • Agriculture & Landscaping 8%
  • Recycling & Waste 4%
  • Utilities 2%
  • Material Handling 3%
  • Forestry 2%
  • Oil & Gas 1%
  • Demolition 1%
Customer types
  • Contractors (companies working on various job sites to perform contracted work): 62%
  • Producers (companies purchasing units to be working on defined locations ex: quarries): 11%
  • Rental providers (independent rental companies or dealer rental fleets): 19%
  • Governments (all public authorities be it National/Federal or local): 4%
  • Other groups (such as Educational or Auction houses): 4%
volvo our dealer network

Sales regions and number of dealers

Volvo exclusive: 158
SDLG exclusive: 171
Dual brand (Volvo/SDLG): 82
Terex Truck exclusive: 114
Terex Trucks multi brand: 3
Total: 528

Volvo exclusive: 27
SDLG exclusive: 0
Dual brand (Volvo/SDLG): 39
Terex Truck exclusive: 49
Terex Trucks multi brand: 0
Total: 115

Volvo exclusive: 39
SDLG exclusive: 1
Dual brand (Volvo/SDLG): 28
Terex Truck exclusive: 9
Terex Trucks multi brand: 0
Total: 77

Volvo exclusive: 35
SDLG exclusive: 151
Dual brand (Volvo/SDLG): 0
Terex Truck exclusive: 1
Terex Trucks multi brand: 0
Total: 187

Volvo exclusive: 57
SDLG exclusive: 19
Dual brand (Volvo/SDLG): 15
Terex Truck exclusive: 55
Terex Trucks multi brand: 3
Total: 149

Volvo Construction Equipment
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