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We have achieved a worldwide certification complying with ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental care) and ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety). This means that all of the company’s sites and functions are working in a correct and consistent manner fulfilling all requirements in these standards.

The three standards align with Volvo’s core values of quality, safety and environmental care. With the achievement of the worldwide certification, we prove we are a unified organization, under one process model, fully aligned across all sites around the world.

The ability to have – and externally prove – that all sites and functions share the same processes and business requirements is reassuring to both employees and our customers. It gives us a benchmark from which the entire company can consistently improve upon.

Martin Weissburg

Former Member of the Executive Board and Former President of Volvo Construction Equipment
What does this mean?
  • We have 27 sites worldwide, all working as one unified company, truly committed to its core values - quality, safety and environmental Care.
  • The certificates cover all sites, functions and processes in which we operate.
  • We have one “Management Manual” for all activities worldwide, explaining how our company works.
  • External Audits are performed by one global partner – Intertek.
  • Internal Audits are process oriented and coordinated globally.
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