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Volvo EW140C

The primary at-a-glance improvements include:
• New Volvo Tier III compliant engine with V-ACT
(Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology).
• Smooth load sensing hydraulics.
• Better controls, more space, more glass, less noise, less vibration.
• Class leading climate control.
• Safer. Volvo Care Cab.
• Easier to service.
• More rugged.
• Optional two piece boom.
• Parts commonality.
• Environmental awareness. 95% of a C-series excavator can
be recycled. In 2009 a new styling of the counterweight was introduced for the C-series wheeled and crawler excavators.
• Fabricated counterweight
• Recyclable filling materials
• Easier recognition through bigger reflectors
• Style change for a more modern appearance
• Harmonized across the whole product range

Production year 2007-2012

EW140C                                            2010 specifications

Volvo D5E EAE3

... ISO 9249/DIN 6271, net, kW (hp)     

91 (122)

Bucket capacity, m3


Reach (max), m 9
Operating weight, t


Production year