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Volvo BM / Volvo L330C

In 1997 the brand name Volvo BM was dropped in favour of the Volvo brand.
• Volvo BM L330C, Serial no. –60187 US
• Volvo L330C, 60188– US
• Volvo L330C Logger, 68052– US

The L330C features:
• Wet disc brakes – fully sealed, forced oil circulation cooled,
  outboard mounted
• Load sensing hydraulic system
• APS II with four shifting modes
• Care Cab
• Limited slip differentials front and rear
• Hydraulically driven, swing out fan
• Z-bar linkage

The machine was made in the USA.

Serial no.            –60026          8421H-3
Serial no. 60027–                     8421H-5

L330C specifications
Engine Volvo TD 164 KAE
Engine output (SAE), kW (hp) 366 (498)
Tip. load (straight/full turn), kg 36 050 / 31 830
Tires 35/65R33
Operating weight, kg 46 900–51 400
Production year 1995–1999