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Volvo BM / Michigan L150

The L150 was yet another wheel loader packed with revolutionary solutions. The TP-linkage (Torque Parallel) lift arm system, the Care Cab with excellent all-round visibility and top-class ventilation, highly efficient dust-filters and enclosed wet brakes to name a few.

Up to serial number 2080 (60500 US), the machine was named L150. After that, a generation change was made and the machine was renamed L150C.

The machine could be fitted with either a standard engine (TD 102 GC), or a low emission engine (TD 102 KCE).

During the production years, the rear and front axles were changed, as was  the transmission.

Sweden                                      Front axle           Rear axle
   Serial no.          –1233             AH 70 N             AH 65 A
   Serial no. 1234–2080             AWB 40             AWD 40
   Serial no.          –1600            HT 201 
   Serial no. 1601–                     HT 210

US                                               Front axle           Rear axle
   Serial no.            –60096         AH 70 N             AH 65 A
   Serial no. 60097–60500        AWB 40             AWD 40
   Serial no.            –60242        HT 201 
   Serial no. 60243–                   HT 210

L150 1994 specifications
Engine Volvo TD 102 GC
Engine output (SAE), kW (hp) 170 (231)
Tip. load (straight/full turn), kg 15 990 / 14 030
Bucket volume, m3 3,5–6,5
Tires 26.5R25
Operating weight, kg 21 260
Production year 1991–1995