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Volvo BM 4300

In 1977, Volvo presented the 4300 wheel loader - the first in the new generation wheel loaders. It was fitted with a brand new, parallel linkage lift arm system in black (to avoid light reflexes).

The parallel linkage arm system featured high breakout moment in the top position while retaining power in all other positions combined with extremely good parallel movement. The disign of the arm system also afforded the operator excellent forward visibility. Today, some 20 manufacturers have copied this new improved system. An acknowledgement as good as any for Volvo as a pioneer. Another feature on the 4300 was the pressurized, ROPS-approved, cab with integrated air condition as option. Easily read instruments and controls within easy reach provided the operator with a good and effective place to work.

In 1981 a patented gearshifting system was introduced  that was both engine speed and travel speed dependent – Volvo BM Automatic Power Shift (APS).
In the same year a new load-sensing hydrostatic steering system also was introduced.

The machine was upgraded during it's time of production. At the time of discontinuation, the 4300 had been produced with 3 different engines and 2 different axle-combinations.

                                            Engine     Front axle      Rear axle
Serial no.         – 3099       TD42           AH52             AH43
Serial no. 3101–4147       TD45           AH44D         AH44E
Serial no. 4148–4999       TD45B        AH44D         AH44E

4300 1979 specifications
Engine Vovlo BM TD 42
Engine output (SAE), kW (hp) 79 (107)
Tip. load (straight/full turn), kg 5 600 / 4 800
Bucket volume, m3 1,3–3,5
Tires 17.5-25/12
Operating weight, kg 8 575
Production year 1977–1984