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4200B Cassette

Volvo BM 4200B Cassette

The 4200B was the first Volvo loader with a fully hydraulic brake system and featured a load-sensing hydrostatic steering system. The 4200B cassette was a model, where the liftarm system had been removed, and in its place a wide variety of units could beattached and in that way create a incredibly versatile machine. Among others, some units that could be attached were sand spreaders, snow blowers, brush saws, fork lifts etc.

4200B Cassette 1983 specifications
Engine Volvo BM D 45 B
Engine output (SAE), kW (hp) 66 (90)
Tip. load (straight/full turn), kg 5 200 / 4 480
Bucket volume, m3 1,15-2,5
Tires 15.5R25
Operating weight, kg 7 600
Production year 1984–1986