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Michigan / Volvo BM L150

The L150 was yet another wheel loader packed with revolutionary solutions. The TP-linkage (Torque Parallel) lift arm system, the Care Cab with excellent all-round visibility and top-class ventilation, highly efficient dust-filters and enclosed wet brakes to name a few.

Up to serial number 2080 (60500 US), the machine was named L150. After that, a generation change was made and the machine was renamed L150C.

The machine could be fitted with either a standard engine (TD 102 GC), or a low emission engine (TD 102 KCE).

During the production years, the rear and front axles were changed, as was  the transmission.

Sweden                                      Front axle           Rear axle
   Serial no.          - 1233             AH 70 N             AH 65 A
   Serial no. 1234 - 2080            AWB 40             AWD 40
   Serial no.          - 1600            HT 201 
   Serial no. 1601 -                     HT 210

US                                               Front axle           Rear axle
   Serial no.            - 60096         AH 70 N             AH 65 A
   Serial no. 60097 - 60500        AWB 40             AWD 40
   Serial no.            - 60242        HT 201 
   Serial no. 60243 -                   HT 210

L150 specifications
Engine Volvo TD 102
Rated output SAE J1349, kW (hp) 185 (245)
Tip. load (straight/full turn), kg 14860/12970
Bucket volume, m3 4,0-6,5
Tires 23.5-25
Operating weight, kg 21600
Production year 1991-xx