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LM 840

BM-Volvo LM 840

The BM-Volvo LM 840 was a versatile and highly efficient 110 hp loader. Unique penetration, effective bucket filling, generous reach and lifting hight were among the powerful arguments that resulted in fast cycling and distinctively high output.

Production year 1966-1973

LM 840 1972 specifications
Engine Volvo BM D 50 A
Engine output (SAE), kW (hp) 81 (110)
Tip. load, kg 4 200
Bucket volume, m3 1,3–4,0
Tires front 18.4-34/14
Tires rear 14.9-24/10
No. of driven wheels 4
Weight, kg 9 600
Production no. 4 206
Production year 1966–1973