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LM 222

BM-Volvo / Bolinder-Munktell LM 222

LM 222 was very easy to operate and fast. It was equipped with two gearboxes, one was the main gearbox and the other was the intermediate gearbox for changing the direction of travel. It had five speeds both forward and backward. LM 222 could be equipped with a large number of attachments for a variety of tasks.

Production year 1962

LM 222 specifications
Engine BM 1114
Engine output (SAE), kW (hp) 61 (83)
Tip. load, kg 3 000
Bucket volume, m3 1,0
Tires front 16.9-34/14
Tires rear 10.00-20/12
No. of driven wheels 2
Weight, kg 7 110
Production no. 40
Production year 1962