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Pipelayers – Volvo

The patented-design Volvo Pipelayer represents a major technical advance over traditional pipelaying dozers with a side-based boom, the basic design of which originated in the 1930s and has changed little since.

With its excavator configuration, the new Volvo Pipelayer provides a 360-degree swing with full lifting performance and functionality at all radius positions – a function unattainable with conventional pipelayers.

Conventional dozer side-based booms are limited to a fixed position for lifting off one side only with boom mountings on the outside of the track roller frames, limiting stability. By comparison, the Volvo Pipelayer has a wider gauge, lower centre of gravity, and a lifting platform where the boom is mounted inboard of the track frame and closer to the machineÍs centreline. This combination offers superior stability to work on slopes with much higher lift capacities than conventional equipment.

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