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volvo asphalt paver p7170 t4i

Volvo P7170

Born from the Blaw-Knox legacy, the Volvo P7170 wheeled paver offered you 360° paving visibility. With seats that could be extended beyond the edge of the paver and an unobstructed view of the auger tunnel and hopper – the operator had an excellent view of material flow for ultimate paving quality.

Production year 2013 - 2019.

P7170 Specifications
Basic width 3 m / 10 ft
Maximum paving width 7.9 m / 26 ft
Engine power 175 kW / 235 hp engine speed 1,800 rpm
Paving speed 75 m/min / 246 fpm
Hopper capacity 11.6 t / 12.8 sh tn
Maximum layer thickness 304.8 - 12 in
Engine Volvo D8
Engine emission EPA Tier 4 interim
Tractor weight 17,741 kg / 39,030 lbs
Production year 2013 – 2019