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Volvo Tracked Paver P8820D Stage V

Volvo P8820D ABG

With a 13-meter paving width, high capacity hopper and high-performance engine, the Volvo P8820D ABG was the big machine for the big jobs. Featured industry-renowned levels of operator comfort and compatible with a range of high-performance screeds, this was a paver designed to deliver outstanding quality and uptime, shift after shift.

Production year: 2020 - 2024

P8820D Specifications
Engine Volvo D8J
Engine power 200 kW / 268 hp engine speed 2,000 rpm
Engine emission EU Stage V
Basic width 2.5 m / 8.2 ft
Maximum paving output 13 t/h / 42.6 sh tn/h
Paving output 1100 t/h / 1212 sh tn/h
Maximum layer thickness 300 mm / 11.8 in
Hopper capacity 14.7 t / 16.2 sh tn
Tractor weight 17,350 kg / 38,250 lbs
Production year 2020 - 2024