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Volvo P4820D ABG

Handle small inner-city jobs and bigger intercity projects in the P4820D ABG from Volvo. Utilizing the latest advanced paver technology, the P4820D ABG was highly versatile and easily manoeuvrable, making it the perfect fit across a variety of applications.

Production year: 2016 - 2024

P2820D Specifications
Engine Volvo D4J
Engine power 98 kW / 131 hp engine speed 2,200 rpm
Engine emission COM Stage IV
Basic width 2.5 m / 8.2 ft
Maximum paving output 6.5 t/h / 21.3 sh tn/h
Paving output 500 t/h / 551 sh tn/h
Maximum layer thickness 300 mm / 11.8 in
Hopper capacity 12.5 t / 13.8 sh tn
Tractor weight 12,470 kg / 27,490 lbs
Production year 2016 - 2024