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Volvo ABG2820

The ABG2820 was an all-round talent for small to medium paving applications. Although a compact paver, it included many of the state-of-the-art features already incorporated in the larger models. The powerful propulsion system enables the paver to push any feed truck
and the EPM control panel offers Volvo’s unique operating comfort.

Production year 2009-2017

ABG2820 2017 specifications
Engine Deutz TD2011L04

Engine power

63.0 kW / 86.0 hp engine speed

2500.0 rpm
Engine emission COM IIIA / EPA Tier III
Basic width 1.5 m / 4.921
Maximum paving width 4.0 m / 13.1 ft
Paving output 330.0 t/h / 363.76 sh tn/h

Maximum paving thickness

250.0 mm / 9.842 in
Hopper capacity 6.0 t / 6.614 sh tn
 Tractor weight 7880.0 kg / 17372.0 lbs