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Volvo screed VDT-V 89 ETC

Volvo VDT-V 89 ETC

Double tamper Variomatic screed for special crown profiles with a paving width of 3.0-9.0m. The best partners for paving thick layers, Volvo Variomatic screeds with dual tamper bar offered higher pre-compaction to optimize the cost-effectiveness of your projects. The double tamper technology delivered a 5-7% higher degree of compaction and could achieve up to 98% Marshall density. It also provided the best possible even surface due to the feeding effect of the first tamper. 
Volvo screeds for special crown profiles were the perfect choice when creating special profiles in the road surface. With two additional articulated sections which were adjustable upwards or downwards by 10% (5.7°), they created the possibility to pave irregular profiles with greater ease, reduced material wastage and at a lower cost.