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Road rollers – Åkerman

The first Åkerman construction equipment was a 28 hk roller in 1924. It was manufactured during a couple of years, in a total of 67 units.

The combined roller-grader was produced in 89 units between 1928 and 1946.

1933–1956 the Mammut roller was manufactured in 42 units.

In 1934 the Roadbiter was introduced. With its 50 hk engine and odd design, it was able to operate iin 20 km/h. Production ended in 1945.

Power output has been stated in terms of Swedish horsepower (hk = metric horsepower) as defined at the time. This unit is not the same as "foot-pound" horsepower (hp).
(1 hk = 1,015 hp).