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Volvo L45

The L45 had a rounded silhouette and was one of the wheel loaders that pointed the way for a completely new generation of construction equipment. The rounded rear section and 3-D-panorama cabin with narrow frame parts enabled an all-round view.

Production year 1998-2001

L45 1999 specifications
Engine Deutz BF4M 1013
Rated output, at, r/s (r/min) 35,0 (2 100)
... SAE J1995 gross, kW (hp) 79 (107)
... DIN 70020/6271 net, kW (hp) 73 (99)
Max torque, at r/s (r/min) 23 (1 400)
...DIIN 70020/6271 net, Nm 420
Max. speed, km/h 20/35
Tipping load
...straight (ISO), kg 5 800
...full turn (ISO), kg 4 700
Breakout force, kN 72,0
...with hook-on bucket 1,3
Bucket capacity, m3 1,3–2,5
Operating weight, t 7,90
Production year 1998–2001