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A20 6x6

Volvo BM A20 6x6

The Volvo BM A20 6x6 was perfect for short hauls over difficult ground. Its payload capacity was 18 500 kg (20 sh tons) and its top speed was 34 km/h (21.2 mph). It had articulated steering/all-terrain bogie and 6-wheel drive. 

Production year 1986–1995

A20 6x6 1994 specifications
Engine Volvo TD 71 G
Rated output at, r/s (r/min) 36,7 (2 200)
...SAE J1349 gross, kW (hp) 148 (201)
...SAE J1349 net, kW (hp) 137 (186)
Max torque at, r/s (r/min) 28 (1 700)
...SAE J1349 gross, Nm 680
...SAE J1349 net, Nm 640
Max speed, km/h 34
Load capacity SAE struck, m3 9,0
Payload, t 18,5
Net weight, t 15,45
Gross weight, t 33,95
Production year 1986–1995