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Volvo BM 860S

The Volvo BM 860S dumper was designed throughout for tough, hard service. It was a simple basic structure made of high-quality materials with well-adapted, tried-and-tested Volvo components. The 860S was very reliable, requiring a minimum of maintenance and service. 860S was powered by a Volvo TD 60 A Turbo charged diesel 125kW (170 hp) engine.

Production year 1976-1979

860S specifications
Engine Volvo TD 60 A
Rated output (SAE), hp / r/min 170 / 2 500
Load, t / m3 18,5 / 11
Tires front 18.00-25/16
Tires rear 20.5-25/16
No. of driven wheels 6x4
Weight, kg 13 180
Production year 1976–1979