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Volvo Construction Equipment joins forces with european toy manfacturer bruder to launch a mini masterpiece that looks just like the real thing

The incredible true-to-life Volvo A60H Kids Toy from Bruder is a faithful replica of the real 60-ton engineering powerhouse by Volvo Construction Equipment – just smaller.

Bringing construction to life in the imaginations of children around the world, the 1:16 toy model of Volvo CE’s A60H articulated hauler is a miniature marvel. Providing the real-world experience of handling one of the industry’s top heavyweight machines, the toy version has almost exactly the same features as its big brother – including articulated steering, large wheels and all terrain bogie, as well as a comfortable cab for a mini-operator to sit in.

With innovation, style and high functionality built directly into the design, this award-winning toy is a machine lover’s dream. And given that you are never too young to own your first Volvo machine, its off-road capabilities and realistic tipping function has been made with young hauler drivers in mind.


With a payload capacity of 55,000 kg and a body volume of 33.6m3, Volvo’s A60H is a feat of engineering. Who could resist getting behind the wheel of the biggest articulated hauler in Volvo CE’s market leading range?

Well now it is available as a 1:16 toy model from Bruder and is perfect for indoor and outdoor play. It may be smaller in size, but it generates the same power and excitement for young haulers.

A60H bruder kids toy

Fully - Functional

Whether you’re dreaming of working in a quarry or traversing tough mining terrains, players can put this fully-functional model to the test with its enduring and innovative features. With its large wheels, all-terrain bogie, impressive aritculation and a roof hatch to allow toy operators to take to the wheel, playtime has never seemed so real.

Genuine in scale

In order to produce the most genuine replica of the real machine, precision is absolutely key. Young haulers require the highest attention to detail so no stone is left unturned during the toymaker’s production process. And the result is a uniform 1:16 scale that is built to meet the requirements of children at play.

Off - road steering

Just like the real thing, the Volvo A60H Kids Toy guarantees exemplary off-road capabilities thanks to its solid articulated steering in conjunction with massive balloon tires. Players can put themselves in the driver’s seat to recreate the activities of this true ‘workhorse’ of construction machines, transporting bulk material across almost any site condition, thanks to the strength, maneuverability and endurance of this miniature powerhouse.

High quality

The scale toy is made from the finest quality and award-winning materials that customers have come to expect of Bruder, allowing it to weather any challenge. The company’s high-precision plastics production saves resources and is set to withstand even the most enduring play sessions for generations to come. The outstanding transparent cab and high-grade parts are all part of the incredible attention to detail that young customers have grown to love.

Design specifications: Volvo A60H and Bruder A60H

Volvo A60H

Key specifications  
Payload capacity 55,000 kg
Body volume, SAE 2:1 heap 33.6 m³
Net weight 43,400 kg
Gross weight 98,400 kg
Engine Volvo D16F
Max engine gross power 495 kW engine speed 1,800 rpm
Max SAE J1349 gross torque 3,200 Nm engine speed 1,050 rpm
Max speed 55 km/h

Volvo A60H kids toy

Key specifications  
Payload capacity Infinite (limited only by imagination)
Body length 68 cm
Net weight 2,000 g
Engine 98,400 kg
Engine 1 kid
Emission of CO2 0 g/km
Speed limit None
Size of driver compartment Equivalent of 1 Bruder figure, 10.7cm
Preferred environment Off-road