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Maximum precision, productivity and fuel efficiency with Volvo’s C-Series wheeled pavers

With their Stage IIIB-certified engines and a new design, Volvo C-Series pavers are now quieter, more fuel efficient, more productive — and even better prepared to take on the toughest jobs.

Maximum precision, productivity and fuel efficiency with Volvo’s C-Series wheeled pavers

Volvo has packed the P5770C ABG, P5870C ABG and P6870C ABG wheeled pavers with features that help customers save fuel and time — as well as tackle the most challenging of road paving tasks. The P5770C is ideally suited for city applications, while the P5870C and the P6870C are geared toward wider paving jobs with rougher terrain.

These Volvo pavers are equipped with the new Stage IIIB Volvo D6 engine, which is both quieter and more fuel efficient than previous models, while at the same time significantly reducing emissions. The powerful engine features a wide band of reserve power for paving in difficult conditions or at maximum widths.

For greater versatility, each paver is equipped with three drive modes: paving, shunting and transport. In paving mode, smart power mode is the default setting. Smart power dramatically lowers noise and slashes fuel consumption by as much as 30%. Full engine rpm can be selected if paving conditions require full power. Volvo wheeled pavers offer an extra mode called shunting mode, which is ideal for maneuvering, loading and unloading. In this mode, paving functions are deactivated, and active steering is engaged for turning with an extremely tight inner radius of 2.5m. In transport mode, full travel speed is initiated for quick relocation, and automatic idle occurs when the paver is not in motion. Both shunting and transport modes regulate engine speed proportionally to promote fuel economy.

Reliably sure-footed

Volvo pavers have excellent traction for stable, sure-footed operation and precise application no matter the conditions. The Volvo pavers’ unique hydraulic self-leveling suspension system ensures that traction is maximized and paving remains smooth — even when the terrain isn’t. The Volvo drive system ensures high tractive force for smooth and accurate paving. The P5770C ABG comes equipped with four-wheel drive, with the larger rear wheels delivering power, while the two front wheels assist and steer with hydrostatic drive. The P5870C ABG and P6870C ABG have six wheels for greater traction — two rear wheels and four front wheels. On the 5870C, the rear wheels and two of the front wheels are driven, while the P6870C is six-wheel drive.

In paving jobs, speed and quality are equally important. Volvo’s industry-leading screeds provide top paving quality for a smooth and uniform mat. Thanks to the high compaction levels behind the screed the need for subsequent roller compaction is greatly reduced. Volvo screeds are available with electric or gas heating. Volvo Variomatic screeds achieve high compaction levels, resulting in a smoother, high-quality mat and greatly reduced need for subsequent roller compaction.

A large hopper, with a 12-ton capacity, further increases paving efficiency, working in conjunction with the conveyor to ensure a consistent mix of materials. An optional hydraulic front hopper apron helps to empty material into the conveyor system — virtually eliminating overspill. Independent, reversible hydrostatic drives, for both bar conveyors and augers, ensure the paving material is moved evenly to both sides of the screed. The optimum head of material is maintained in the auger channel by proportional auger speed control and adjustment of the auger height and direction of rotation.

This larger volume of throughput supports optimum mat quality regardless of width, thickness or paving speed, as well as continuous paving, such as under bridges.

A view from the top

The spacious, comfortable and ergonomically designed operator environment gives the operator an exceptional all-around view of the entire paving process, including a direct view into the hopper and auger area and a clear view of the work area. The adjustable seat can be extended beyond the outer edge of the paver for an improved view. All three pavers feature the Electronic Paver Management II (EPM II) system, which guides the operator through working functions with simple, intuitive instructions, in addition to monitoring fuel consumption. Menus for engine data and paver functions are shown clearly on the large color screen. The EPM II settings manager lets the operator save paving settings and parameters to use on similar paving jobs in the future, allowing for more consistent paving results. For security, the EPM console is protected by a lockable cover and the screed control units can be stored away in a lockable compartment.

An all-new design brings the Volvo C-Series wheeled pavers in line with the rest of the Volvo family, with an all-weather canopy top designed to keep the operator dry and comfortable. The canopy’s underside is covered with a sound-absorbing foam layer and has easy-to-open side extensions to provide additional protection from the elements. For easy transport, the canopy can be lowered, and eight work lights are mounted to each corner of the canopy’s support legs for improved visibility and jobsite safety.

The P5770C, P5870C and P6870C make maintenance simple, with improved service access from the large opening compartments on the deck to service points. The main control unit (MCU) alerts operators to — and keeps track of — necessary service and maintenance checks. An optional central lubrication system simplifies maintenance even further. Volvo pavers are backed by Care Kits, guaranteeing longer life and better performance of wear parts, and customer service agreements (CSAs). And as with all Volvo products, the P5770C, P5870C and P6870C are backed by an extensive service network that provides the peace of mind that comes with an extensive, worldwide infrastructure of technicians, workshops and dealers. 


P5770C ABG

P5870C ABG

P6870C ABG

Basic paving width

2.5 m

2.5 m

2.5 m

Max paving width

7.5 m

8.0 m

9.0 m

Max mat thickness

300 mm

300 mm

300 mm

Max paving output*

500 t/h

600 t/h

700 t/h


Volvo D6, COM IIIB


129 kW (175 hp)

Drive units

4 / 4

4 / 6

6 / 6

  • The P5770C, P5870C and P6870C are available in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and China.


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