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Volvo launches extensive C-Series wheeled and tracked skid steer loader range.

Volvo Construction Equipment has unveiled the first nine models in its C-Series skid steer loader product line.

Volvo launches extensive C-Series wheeled and tracked skid steer loader range.

The wheeled models are the MC110C, MC115C, MC125C, MC135C and MC155C. Rated operating capacities for these models range from 1,009 kg (2,250 lbs) to 1,495 kg (3,295 lbs) and gross engine power from 63 kW (84 hp) to 68 kW (92 hp). The first four tracked models in the range are the MCT110C, MCT125C, MCT135C and MCT145C. Rated operating capacities for the tracked models range up to 1,452 kg (3,200 lbs) and gross engine power to 68 kW (92 hp). Later this year Volvo CE will launch further new models in the range, culminating in a full offering of radial and vertical lift wheeled and tracked models in all key rated operating capacity classes.

The new Volvo C-Series line will see its global launch at the CONEXPO/CON-AGG exhibition in Las Vegas in March, and provides Volvo customers with new application versatility, including Volvo tracked machines that deliver good power transfer from the driveline to the ground, along with better stability and traction in tough terrain.

Single loader arm with muscle

Featuring a unique single loader arm design, Volvo wheeled and tracked skid steer loaders deliver customers the superior loading performance and durability found in a traditional skid steer design, along with the improved visibility, safety and enhanced cab access of a side-entry machine.

Cab safer side access

Due to the single loader tower arm design, cab access is easier and safer. Operators enter and exit the cab through a large, wide-opening side cab door. This eliminates the need for operators to climb onto and over the bucket or attachment, which many times can be muddy, wet or slippery. On wheeled machines, a bolt-on non-slip step under the door increases safe entry and exit of the cab. Side entry also eliminates an uncomfortable body turn required of operators to sit down in traditional skid steer loader cab designs.

Work comfortably

Inside the Volvo cab, the operator’s environment has been redesigned for increased space, comfort and ease of use. The Volvo cab meets ROPS/FOPS standards, for safety and operator peace of mind. All controls and gauges are ergonomically placed to provide ease of use and comfort for prolonged productivity.

Visibility has also been enhanced due to the single tower loader arm design. Without the horizontal cross member found on most vertical lift machines, operators experience excellent all-around, class-leading visibility. The cab also features a large top window for improved visibility during truck loading. This aids safety when operating in tight or congested areas.

Easier service. Longer life

Another feature of the new Volvo C-Series is improved service access through a forward-tilting cab and large rear compartment service door. All service and maintenance points are accessible through simple, safe means. In addition, the side entry and exit of the cab makes it possible for the operator to engage the loader arm support without the aid of a second person. Because of the side door, the operator can stop the machine, safely exit the machine without walking under the load, and then walk around the rear of the machine to safely engage the support.

Other features of both the wheeled and tracked Volvo skid steer loaders:

Operator environment: Features comfortable machine control pods. The left-hand control pod easily hinges rearward with the assistance of a single gas strut. Allows for easy machine entry and exit. The right control pod features a wrap-around seat bar designed to comfortably fit operators of all sizes. Acts as a rest area for the operator’s right arm. Both armrests on top of the control pods are well cushioned, and the left hand control pod tilts open to reveal ample storage bin space that is ideal for securing and storing personal items. A 12V power outlet is also located inside. Each model – whether enclosed cab or canopy – has been designed for limiting the amount of noise in and around the operator environment. Lower noise helps reduce operator fatigue.

Performance & productivity: Dependable track performance provides increased stability on steep grades and rough ground. Tracks deliver higher traction and floatation, along with lower ground pressure. Provides the ability to work in inclement conditions, improving year-round availability. Excellent vertical lift makes the Volvo C-Series ideal for truck loading and a wide range of material handling applications. Each model features good tip height and reach, along with powerful lift capacity – making Volvo skid steer loaders highly efficient in repeated load and carry operations. A choice of powerful Tier 3 engines deliver proven power and dependability.

Serviceability: Best-in-class fuel tank capacity allows operators to spend less downtime refuelling the machine. Delivers longer operating shifts for more productivity. For major service tasks, the entire cab can be tilted forward by the removal of just two bolts located inside the cab. Gas struts automatically lock the raised cab into place for safe, easy access to key internal machine components.

Quality & reliability: All models deliver day-after-day dependability through quality that is designed into each part, component and structure. The field proven loader arm construction has been designed specifically for each model. This provides the strength and reliability often associated with traditional two-arm designs. The loader arm itself contains more steel than the equivalent B-Series model, and the pivot pin diameters are larger than many competitor models. Provides greater strength and effectively distributes the load over the single loader arm. All hydraulic connections use o-ring face seal fittings to eliminate hydraulic leaks and resist line vibrations/twists. This helps reduce machine downtime and related-service costs.

Safety: Operator safety and peace of mind provided by ROPS/FOPS protection. Helps protect the operator in the event of machine roll over and/or overhead falling objects. The clear, side door is the entire length of the cab, providing improved visibility and safety without many of the challenges found in other side mesh skid steer loader cages. The cab door opens wide to an angle of 75 degrees, making entry and exit of the cab easy. Provides safer access for operators of all sizes.


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Quick Specifications – Wheeled models:

Model MC110C MC115C MC125C
Operating weight 7476 lbs 3391 kg 7971 lbs 3615 kg 8060 lbs 3655 kg
SAE Gross (DIN ISO3046) 84 hp 63 kW 84 hp 63 kW 84 hp 63 kW
Rated operating capacity (SAE) 2250 lbs 1009 kg 2600 lbs 1179 kg 2800 lbs 1270 kg
Tipping capacity (SAE) 4501 lbs 2041 kg 5448 lbs 2471 kg 5608 lbs 2543 kg
Single speed 6,8 mph 10,9 km/h 6,8 mph 10,9 km/h 6,8 mph 10,9 km/h
Two speed
6,8 / 12,4 mph 10,9 / 20 km/h 6,8 / 12,4 mph 10,9 / 20 km/h 6,8 / 12,4 mph 10,9 / 20 km/h


Model MC135C MC155C
Operating weight 8430 lbs 3823 kg 8728 lbs 3959 kg
SAE Gross (DIN ISO3046) 92 hp 68,6 kW 92 hp 68,6 kW
Rated operating capacity (SAE) 3000 lbs 1361 kg 3295 lbs 1495 kg
Tipping capacity (SAE) 6024 lbs 2732 kg 6590 lbs 2989 kg
Single speed 6,8 mph 10,9 km/h 7,3 mph 11,7 km/h
Two speed 6,8 / 12,4 mph 10,9 / 20 km/h 7,3 / 13,5 mph 11,7 / 21,7 km/h


Quick Specifications – Tracked machines:

Model MCT110C MCT125C
Operating weight 9356 lbs 4243 kg 10205 lbs 4628 kg
SAE Gross (DIN ISO3046) 84 hp 63 kW 84 hp 63 kW
Rated operating capacity (SAE) 2250 lbs 1009 kg 2600 lbs 1179 kg
Tipping capacity (SAE) 6442 lbs 2922 kg 7991 lbs 3625 kg
Single speed 5,7 mph 9,2 km/h 5,7 mph 9,2 km/h
Two speed 4,8 / 7,8 mph 7,7 / 12,6 km/h 4,8 / 7,8 mph 7,7 / 12,6 km/h


Model MCT135C MCT145C
Operating weight 10663 lbs 4836 kg 10939 lbs 4931 kg
SAE Gross (DIN ISO3046) 92 hp 68,6 kW 92 hp 68,6 kW
Rated operating capacity (SAE) 3000 lbs 1361 kg 3200 lbs 1452 kg
Tipping capacity (SAE) 8628 lbs 3913 kg 9145 lbs 4148 kg
Single speed 5,7 mph 9,2 km/h 5,7 mph 9,2 km/h
Two speed 4,8 / 7,8 mph 7,7 / 12,6 km/h 4,8 / 7,8 mph 7,7 / 12,6 km/h