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CE Parts: a win for customers and the environment

In line with its ambition to reduce its environmental impact, Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is shifting toward a more circular economy approach – and its industry-leading recycled parts business, Construction Equipment Parts (CE Parts) is helping pave the way.

CE Parts, which was acquired by Volvo CE two years ago, has rapidly grown into a popular source for engines, transmissions and other components. The company dismantles older machines of any make and model, identifying anywhere between 30-60 parts that can be evaluated, rebuilt and remanufactured, before selling them back into the market.

Saving up to 80% CO2 emissions 

This process, which is common in the automotive industry but less prevalent in construction equipment, can save up to 80% in CO2 emissions compared to the production of a new part. 

Adam Bjork, Head of Environmental Sustainability, at Volvo CE, says: “It is clearly good for business, but it’s also great from a circularity point of view. By reusing material, we prolong its useful life.

“The less we need to use new materials to make parts, the more we are conserving the use of precious resources and the more we are decreasing emissions from those activities. CE Parts allows us to do better at closing the flow and moving from a linear perspective towards a circular approach that embraces a more sustainable way of working.” 

Improving customer uptime 

Not only better for the environment, with over 30,000 parts in stock, CE Parts is a valuable resource of spare and components parts for customers, helping fulfil demand, no matter what brand of machine they use. 

CE Parts is a growing business that has come at a time when mindsets are changing. Customers now understand that rebuilt and remanufactured parts maintain the 100% quality they need as they undergo rigorous quality checks before coming back on to the market. 

This approach also supports a lower total cost of ownership, and delivers uptime gains Furthermore, older products that are no longer manufactured can continue their productive life through refreshing and rebuilding, saving replacement costs. 

Ken Silverman, Business Leader, Used and Aftermarket Parts at Volvo CE North America, who heads up CE Parts, says: “Whether it is a small contractor with three or four pieces of equipment or a large global business, every customer has their own sustainability goals and by sourcing used parts from us it helps customers achieve those goals. 

“Another big advantage is uptime. Once a machine gets older, it gets harder and harder to find the right part and the ability for the OEM to support with finding that part falls off. But in many instances when customers need a part, they need it now. That’s where CE Parts helps to keep customers’ business up and running.”


Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment