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Press release

Volvo CE Brings 100-Ton Class Rigid Hauler to North America

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is launching its 105-US short ton (95 tonne) R100E rigid in North America, with Tier 4 Final certified engine and proven Volvo technologies to increase production.
The Volvo R100E is now available in North America.

With a size and capacity that make it the largest hauler in the company’s line-up, the new R100E rigid hauler from Volvo CE promises to drive down operating costs for customers by boosting productivity, uptime and operator comfort. 

The R100E is powered by a premium 783 kW / 1075 hp Tier 4 Final engine, with a combined drivetrain to provide high torque capabilities, unparalleled pulling performance and class-leading rimpull for optimum travel times.

Drivetrain control and machine movement are supplied by the new Volvo Dynamic Shift Control, which automatically tailors the transmission shift-points depending on the worksite and operational inputs.


Customers can expect to spend less per haul with the R100E, featuring a 79 yd3 (60.4 m3) capacity V-shaped body for optimum load retention and minimal material carry-back. The load profile policy enables the operator to meet a consistent average target payload, while the body-tipping system ensures fast cycle times for an all-round efficient performance. The Tier 4 Final R100E includes a manually-activated ECO Mode for long distance hauls and high-speed applications.

Volvo builds on the high capacity and hauling speeds of its rigid hauler with intelligent monitoring systems. The On-Board Weighing (OBW) option ensures the machine moves the maximum safe payload to further optimize production and minimize operational costs. It does this by using exterior-mounted pressure sensors to monitor and relay machine statistics to the operator’s on-board display. 

The body tipping system ensures fast cycle times.

The R100E is configured with the Volvo CareTrack telematics system to monitor operational data including fuel consumption, machine utilization and excessive idling reports.

Customers interested in increasing the productivity of existing and future projects have access to Volvo Site Simulation with the help of their local Volvo dealer. Site Simulation recommends the most profitable fleet of equipment and project results based on customer needs. By using the simulation, customers and dealers can work together to put an equipment plan in place before a project begins.

Durable by design

Uptime and productivity are centered on the machine’s durable design, which promotes high component protection and longer lifecycles, for extended intervals between planned maintenance. 

With a body manufactured from high impact and high abrasion-resistant 400-HBW-hard steel the R100E rigid hauler achieves long-lasting performance. 


Features include:

  • Low center of gravity.
  • McPherson strut with lower wishbone front suspension. 
  • New low-effort steering system. 
  • Wide-spaced front suspension to absorb surfaces shocks.
  • ‘Horse collar’ frame design provides flexibility to travel on uneven terrain. 
  • Sleeved frame bores for additional protection.

Built to last, the R100E is durable by design.

The operator’s choice

The R100E also brings operator productivity and safety to the forefront – starting with the ROPS/FOPS-certified operator cab. Offering reduced vibrations and exterior noise, the cab is fitted onto viscous-type isolation mounts for greater ride quality. 

From the operator seat, the operator can observe the job site and surrounding areas through the large glass area and a low rake windscreen. Good visibility is complemented by a 360° surround view system provided by Volvo Smart View. The system uses multiple ultra-wide angle exterior-mounted cameras to produce a bird's-eye-view of the vehicle and surrounding work area via the on-board display. 

All displays and ergonomically positioned fingertip controls are within reach of the fully adjustable Volvo air suspension operator seat, easily adjusted to fit the operator’s physique.

The transmission retarder and neutral coast inhibitor secure safe machine control in downhill conditions, while the engine overspeed protection automatically slows the machine down to safe operating limits.


From the operator seat, the operator can observe the job site.

Easy to inspect

Packed with durable features that provide superior protection, the R100E optimizes operations and extends maintenance intervals for lower operational costs.

The R100E makes accessing daily service checks and routine maintenance quick and easy with anti-slip steps and secure walkways. All service points are strategically grouped and located within reach from the ground and service platform, while the direct rim-mounted wheel design promotes safe and quick installation and removal. 


The R100E features a high degree of filtration for better performance and to prolong component life. Each functional system on the hydraulics has magnetic suction filters, as well as a pressure filtration on the steering, brake actuation pump and rear brake cooling units. The engine-mounted primary and secondary fuel filters combine with the advanced two stage oil filtration to remove harmful contaminates. 

Daily service checks are made easy.

Volvo will display a Tier 2 version of the R100E at ConExpo/Con-AGG in March. The Tier 4 Final model will be commercially available in North America Q4 2020.

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Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

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Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment