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Press release

China-focused 14-ton DD145 is the ultimate all-round compactor

With large drum diameter combined with powerful vibration, the DD145 double drum compactor has what it takes to produce a smooth finish.

Designed with the needs of customers in China in mind, the new DD145 is a double drum compactor that uses proven technology coupled with clever new machine design. Offering high productivity and efficiency, the compactor has a 2,135mm wide drum and large drum diameter, as well as a powerful vibration system. It also features an Impact Spacing Meter display that is designed to help operators achieve optimum rolling speeds for the target compaction levels, while ensuring smoothness.

The DD145 uses a leg-style, pedestal frame design that gives sufficient side clearances to allow the machine to compact close to obstacles without fouling on the structure and causing damage. Curves and edges are also no problem, thanks to the off-set nature of the articulation joint, which enables the machine to turn away from the curve without causing damage to the curb itself.

Fitted with a Volvo engine that produces high torque at low rpm, the DD145 ensures high-quality performance with minimal noise and fuel consumption. The standard automatic drum wetting system optimizes water use through a variable water flow that adapts according to the speed of compaction. The system also includes triple filtration and a secondary water pump, meaning compaction can continue even if the primary pump fails.

Clearly the best choice

The operator of the DD145 enjoys an efficient work environment that features good visibility, clear controls and safety features. Safety features include three-point access, anti-slip plates, high-visibility handrails and an operator presence switch. 

Controls are easy to use and reach, reducing fatigue, while the backlit multifunction display and keypad are within reach, allowing operators to spend more time looking at the work area ahead. The Impact Spacing Meter provides operators with a visual reference of speed control to maintain proper impact spacing, resulting in consistent smoothness. Light packages are also available for when working at night or in low light conditions. The operator works in comfort, with a rotating console, adjustable seat and plenty of leg and storage room. 

Service with a smile

Maintenance is made simple thanks to a swing-up hood that gives access to engine and hydraulic components. A single key opens all service hatches and technicians have ground level access to filters, which are grouped together. Fuses and relays too are grouped together, behind the operator seat, and shielded from damage and water ingress. 

The DD145 enjoys long fluid change intervals, with hydraulic oil needing changing after 2,000 hours and eccentric bearings oil needing changing after 3,000 hours of operation. And with Volvo’s new China-focused Pulse telematics system, fleet managers can monitor just how well its working, by remotely accessing a range of important information, including geolocation, fault codes, and service and maintenance planning.

 Operating weight (with canopy) kg  14,103
 lb 31,090
 Drum or rolling width mm  2,135
in  84
 Rated engine power kW  123
 hp(imp) 165
 Vibration frequency Hz  45 - 52
 v/min 2,700 - 3,120
 Amplitude  mm 0.35 - 0.88
  0.01 - 0.03




Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment