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Press release

Volvo Assist range revealed to European market at Intermat 2018

Volvo Construction Equipment showcases the full range of Volvo Assist solutions, all powered by the state-of-the-art Volvo Co-Pilot in-cab display.

At Intermat 2018 Volvo Construction Equipment showcases its most advanced approach to machine management in the industry with an expanded range of intelligent machine control systems. The Paris show will introduce the full suite of Volvo Assist programs to the European market, which incorporates the upgraded Load Assist for wheel loaders, Haul Assist for articulated haulers, Dig Assist for excavators, Compact assist for soil and asphalt compactors, and Pave Assist for asphalt pavers.

volvo-assist-range-revealed-to-european-market-at-intermat-2018-02-1920Volvo Co-Pilot: partner in the cab

All Volvo Assist programs are powered by the recently updated Volvo Co-Pilot on-board display, designed to boost profitability through greater task accuracy. The 10-inch touchscreen is an intuitive, scalable platform that uses on-board machine data and high precision sensors to deliver real-time data, for greater operator efficiency and site performance.

Each Volvo Assist platform features an intuitive set of productivity-enhancing applications that help the operator monitor the progress and output of their work in real-time.

Load Assist: a weigh better system

volvo-assist-range-revealed-to-european-market-at-intermat-2018-03-1920Load Assist for L110H-260H wheel loaders has been further developed to improve operator efficiency and site performance. The updated platform is powered by Volvo Co-Pilot and features the On-Board Weighing app, giving the operator real-time insight into the bucket’s load within +/- 1% accuracy.

Using pressure and position sensors, the On-Board Weighing system captures all load data on-the-go to eliminate any disruption in the workflow. The system feeds the machine information to the Caretrack® telematics system giving remote access to machine information such as total transported loads, transported load per liter of fuel, and number of cycles. With this information, operators and fleet managers are better able to manage productivity and prevent overloading, which, in turn, limits machine wear, tire damage and excess fuel consumption.

Haul Assist: M2M communication

Haul Assist is the first program within the Volvo Assist range to offer machine-to-machine communication for articulated haulers. Haul Assist combines On-Board Weighing, Map and Speed Advisor applications to optimize load capacity, provide accurate positioning of other machines on site and increase fuel efficiency.

Haul Assist is available for all seven articulated hauler models from the A25G to the A60H.

Dig Assist: designed to do more

Dig Assist with its three levels of productivity (2D, In Field Design and 3D) is available now on several Volvo crawler excavators (EC220E, EC250E and EC300E) and wheeled excavators (EW160E, EWR150E and EWR170E) between 15t and 30t. With the Machine Control System Dig Assist, Volvo is really bringing something new to the market – namely three levels of assistance for operators for more productive digging activities from simple to complex applications and projects. The full 3D option is available now with Topcon technology. 3D will also be available in the future with Trimble.

To add further value for customers, all hardware is developed by Volvo CE and is factory fit so that it comes under the warranty rules of Volvo CE with the service expertise of the Volvo CE network.

Compact Assist: passing with flying colors

Compact Assist for the new SD75B to SD160B generation of soil compactors uses Compaction Measurement Value (CMV) Mapping and Pass Counting to produce more consistent, high quality and cost-effective compaction. Compact Assist assigns each compactor pass and drum overlap with an individual color, allowing the operator to easily spot gaps to maintain uniform compaction.

Meanwhile, Compact Assist for DD105 asphalt compactors is available in two modules: Compact Assist, to record and display pass and temperature mapping, and Compact Assist with Density Direct to calculate estimated material compaction in real time.

Pave Assist: perform with precision

Pave Assist is available for the complete range of the 2.5m-class Volvo Pavers. It features Material Manager, Weather View and the optional Thermal Profiling. Material Manager offers useful calculations such as distance and tonnage paved area and CO2 emissions. It saves hours of measurements and manual documentation thanks to the onboard information and automated reports.

Weather View informs the operators of current and upcoming weather conditions and helps the jobsite manager plan ahead. Thermal Mapping monitors the paved asphalt mix temperature behind the screed, one of the major factors affecting the longevity of the pavement.

All in all, Pave Assist provides asphalt paver operators with real-time insight into the quality and productivity of the paving operations – both during and after the job is complete.


Never stop improving

Specially engineered to fit Volvo machines, Volvo Co-Pilot and all Volvo Assist platforms undergo an extensive manufacturing and testing process to meet the highest quality standards. The Android-powered tablet display is designed for quick functionality growth, offering Volvo customers and dealers a short time to market for new software applications. Volvo CE will offer new functionalities to all Volvo Co-Pilot customers through their dealers, thanks to over-the-air software update capability. The dealer can remotely activate new machine functionality on customer demand. Volvo’s extensive dealer network is the best partner to meet business needs including machines, attachments, parts, warranty and services.

Image 1: Cab view of Volvo Co-Pilot with Haul Assist
Image 2: Volvo Co-Pilot screen with Load Assist
Image 3: Haul Assist with On-board Weighing
Image 4: Volvo Co-Pilot with Pave Assist


Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
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Head of Strategic Communications
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