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New Volvo excavator attachments are safe and versatile

Tiltrotators are now available as factory fit on 15 excavator models and the new tiltable bucket expands the large excavator bucket range from Volvo.

At Intermat 2018 Volvo Construction Equipment is expanding its factory-fit Steelwrist tiltrotator offering to 15 excavator models and introducing a new tiltable ditching bucket for large excavators. The attachments, available from now onwards, are designed to increase the flexibility and precision of Volvo excavators.

Comprehensive range of factory-fit tiltrotators for 3.5t to 30t excavators

Tiltrotators have been standard equipment in the majority of the Nordic markets for a long time. They are now also becoming popular in France, Germany, BeNeLux and Switzerland. It is for this reason that Volvo CE has decided to develop its own factory-fit tiltrotator solution for excavators.

new-volvo-excavator-attachments-are-safe-and-versatile-01-1920After the great success of the factory-fit tiltrotator for large excavators, Volvo CE is expanding the offering to 15 compact excavators from 3.5t to 9t. The only manufacturer to offer a factory-fit tiltrotator with Front Pin-Lock (FPL) and Volvo control system for its excavators, Volvo CE has proven that an in-house installed solution achieves high-quality results.

Offering a superior 45° tilt angle and low build height, the Steelwrist tiltrotators now feature a new Front Pin-Lock (FPL), ensuring buckets are coupled securely. The symmetrical quick couplers without the Front Pin-Lock comply to the safety regulations EN474-1 and ISO13031. However, the addition of a second mechanical lock (FPL) increases the level of safety offered by this system – exceeding new regulation requirements.

All Volvo factory-fit tiltrotators are offered with a large range of durably designed Volvo dedicated buckets. The angled corners on the dedicated grading bucket allow it to work in close proximity to objects. The bucket easily rotates when full without dropping material. The narrow bucket is ideal for use when laying cables. The bucket’s long profile allows it to work close to pipes and cables. Digging buckets with the Volvo general purpose tooth system fitted as standard on GPE models.

New Volvo tilt-able bucket for large excavators from 14 to 25t

Excavators can now tackle more tasks than ever before, and different jobs require different attachments. Volvo’s range of quick couplers, hydraulic breakers, tiltrotators and buckets provide unmatched flexibility and versatility to help customers increase job opportunities.

The new Volvo tiltable ditching bucket is a flexible solution for excavators for ditch maintenance, landscaping and slope shaping. The tilting function with two 45° tilt angles delivers versatility and precision, while the two hydraulic cylinders offer full protection of the cylinder tube. For steady bucket, the XI hydraulics are worked by an MCV spool. This spool blocks the hydraulic flow and keeps the bucket in position for a perfect ditching result.

The long bucket base (HB400) and optimized tip radius give a strong breakout force. Meanwhile, the rear cutting edge is perfect for grading. The stiffening ribs and wear resistant strips are positioned in critical areas. The water draining holes on the sides reduce weight and ease material release in wet conditions. The front cutting edge (HB450) is available with or without a reversible bolt-on edge for cutting edge protection and wear resistance.

All Volvo attachments are available from factories, and supported by a Volvo warranty and parts. All hydraulic attachments (tiltrotators, tiltable buckets and breakers) are delivered ready to work with standard hydraulic hoses and connectors.

Image 1: Symmetrical quick coupler and tiltrotator on an EW60E excavator
Image 2: Factory-fit tiltrotator


Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

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Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment