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Certified Rebuild Program gives Volvo machines a new lease of life

Volvo Construction Equipment’s Certified Rebuild Program offers the same quality standards as a new Volvo machine through three flexible packages.
Volvo Certified Rebuilt Program allows customers to optimize the lifecycle of their machines.

At Intermat 2018, Volvo Construction Equipment is taking a new approach to helping customers optimize the lifecycle of their Volvo machines with the Certified Rebuild Program. Launched with a choice of three flexible packages, Volvo customers can bring their Volvo machines back to optimal working condition for a fraction of the cost of buying a new machine.

With operational efficiency a constant priority, customers are looking for innovative ways to control costs. When some brands would require a replacement of a machine nearing the end of its useful life, Volvo machines can be restored back to their original quality. Customers receive their well-known and trusted Volvo machine in a ‘like-new’ condition, back for a further stage of return on investment, high availability and reliability. The machine comes back ready for a second life of service.

Major inspection

The process starts with a complete machine inspection by a Volvo CE approved dealer. Thoroughly testing all the major components uncovers any issues – often smaller problems that may have gone unnoticed by the customer. This gives the opportunity to fix them all at once at a lower cost. After a thorough evaluation, the Volvo dealer develops a customized rebuild plan catered to the customer’s needs.

Package 1: Certified Powertrain Rebuild uses the latest technology to restore fuel consumption to like-new levels and offers a range of Volvo Reman components to secure higher uptime.

Package 2: Certified Hydraulics Rebuild, generally for crawler and wheeled excavators > 12 t, restores the hydraulic system to original performance, durability, and reliability, for greater machine productivity and fast cycle times.

Package 3: Complete Machine Rebuild is designed for customers who want their older Volvo machines to look and perform like new. Customers receive a complete rebuild of their machine, both inside and out, including hydraulics and powertrain, and finished off with a fresh coat of paint.

All packages are similar in that the components are completely disassembled, inspected and replaced with Genuine Volvo Parts. Because quality control is integral to Volvo, the hydraulic system and powertrain are returned to at least their original levels of performance – often better, with the latest engineering updates. All rebuilt components undergo rigorous testing to ensure field performance levels match those of new Volvo machines. Throughout the rebuild, customers receive regular updates from their Volvo dealer to ensure the rebuild is completed on time and to their satisfaction.

Volvo manufactures most of the major components in a Volvo machine, so they can be confident about rebuilding engines, transmissions and other major parts of the machine.

The Rebuild program also comes with extended service options for improved fuel consumption and reduced emissions, owning and operating costs. Customers can choose from a range of financial solutions and the opportunity to purchase an extended warranty. With an extended equipment life, the program helps customers remain competitive at lower cost.

Investment in productivity – and the future

This initiative also advocates the company’s core values. During a rebuild, Volvo reviews the two machine safety systems – ROPS and FOPS – to enhance the safety of the operator. Moreover, rebuilding uses far less energy and natural resources than building a new machine. Many of the components used to rebuild the machines are themselves recycled and remanufactured by Volvo Reman, further demonstrating the company’s commitment to the environment.

Volvo Certified Rebuild signifies much more than the recycling of materials; it represents the company’s commitment to increasing business profitability and customized solutions for customers.

Since the launch of Certified Rebuild Program in 2016, Volvo customers have made a significant impact in their profits through the purchase of one of the three packages. The introduction of this program is one of the company’s most valuable service offerings to date.

In the EMEA region, the French Volvo CE network has performed very well with 30 Certified Rebuilds carried out already. Step by step, all French Volvo dealer sites will be certified to carry out Volvo Rebuild. On the Volvo CE stand at Intermat, an L90E wheel loader from 2004 with 15,850 hours on the clock will be presented as a Complete Machine Rebuild. The machine was rebuilt by Cimme Sodimat at Soissons.

The Volvo Certified Rebuild program continues to evolve to offer the value and solutions that customers need, including CareTrack®, now standard on all rebuilt machines. It is the ultimate confirmation of the premium quality and status of a Volvo machine, capable of carrying out two demanding working lives for their owner.


Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment