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Volvo debuts new double drum asphalt compactors at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017

The DD120C and DD140C are the latest and largest additions to the Volvo lineup of asphalt compactors — designed with 20 percent improved fuel efficiency, new intelligent features and high centrifugal force to boost quality and profitability on large-scale compaction jobs.

From highways to airport runways, the Volvo DD120C and DD140C are designed to achieve a smooth, even mat finish in fewer passes — all without compromising fuel-efficiency. With operating weights of 27,700 pounds and 30,486 pounds, combined with rolling widths of 79 inches and 84 inches, respectively, the DD120C and DD140C compactors deliver the performance needed for large jobs.

“Not only are these C-series models 20 percent more fuel-efficient than their predecessors — they’re also more productive,” said Mark Eckert, compaction product manager at Volvo Construction Equipment. “With our improved Impact Spacing Meter, factory-fit Compact Assist Intelligent Compaction system, optional 8-amplitude settings and unique water burst mode — these new compactors are truly the most productive we’ve offered to date.”

Big performance, big projects

The new asphalt compactors combine high centrifugal force, heavy static weight and variable amplitude for high-quality compaction. Large diameter drums ensure a smooth, high-quality mat finish. The DD120C and DD140C are powered by the latest Volvo D13J Tier 4 Final engine, which delivers high torque at low rpm, ensuring high-quality performance with minimal noise and fuel consumption, a full 20 percent more fuel-efficient than its predecessor. 

Fuel efficiency is enhanced with optional auto-idling and auto-engine shutdown features, and an adaptive power system that delivers optimum performance. Thanks to dynamic drum forces, the asphalt compactor cuts vibration system start up power in half, and enables the roller to operate more effectively with the 148-horsepower engine, even at high altitudes.

Quality at your fingertips

The DD120C and DD140C can be outfitted with the Volvo Intelligent Compaction system, Compact Assist for Asphalt with Density Direct™ — the industry’s first real-time density mapping technology. Density Direct allows the operator to see real-time density values across 100 percent of the mat, which are proven to be accurate to within 1.5 percent of actual in-place core densities when properly calibrated. In addition to Density Direct, Compact Assist features pass mapping and temperature mapping functionality, as well as data collection capabilities for integration with Veta data management and analysis software. The Compact Assist operating system is accessed via the award-winning, 10-inch Volvo Co-Pilot on-board interface. 

To further boost productivity, the DD120C and DD140C feature an automatic variable interval water spraying system with water burst mode, which provides uniform drum coverage and variable flow to prevent material pickup. The C-Series compactors also feature a new water flow-rate calibration process, enabling the operator to set the minimum flow according to requirements. 

The Impact Spacing Meter from Volvo provides a visual reference for speed control to maintain proper impact spacing, resulting in consistent smoothness. The DD120C and DD140C are equipped with the high vibration frequency system, delivering 4,000 vibrations per minute for optimal impact spacing at higher rolling speeds. With these features at their fingertips, operators have the ability to unlock the full productivity potential of Volvo compactors.

Safe, easy operation

Safety is paramount on all jobsites, which is why the Volvo C-Series compactors offer unobstructed visibility along with a host of advanced safety features. The ROPS/FOPS certified platform, forward view, adjustable seat and 180-degree rotating console all provide superb visibility of the jobsite, as well as unobstructed sightlines down to the drum for excellent rolling precision. Ergonomically positioned controls, noise and vibration insulation, and ample space keep the operator alert and focused.

The intelligently designed swing-up hood of the C-Series compactors allows for easy access to the engine and hydraulic components, enabling easy maintenance, while a single key accesses all service hatches. Passive regeneration occurs automatically without requiring input from the operator, and a full regeneration is carried out by technicians as part of the routine 500-hour service. For added convenience, the water tank can be filled from ground level.

Backed for life

Owners of the new DD120C and DD140C can have peace of mind knowing their compactor is backed by the Volvo Lifetime Frame and Structure Warranty, which covers the frame and articulation joint for the life of the equipment under the initial owner. 

To track machine health, the compactors can be fitted with CareTrack®, the state-of-the-art telematics system from Volvo, which provides the ability to remotely monitor a range of machine health and operating data, helping customers improve productivity and avoid downtime. Customers can also choose ActiveCare Direct telematics coverage, wherein Volvo manages the telematics data, reporting and recommendations through partnership with Volvo dealers, so that customers receive the benefits of telematics without the burden. 

Volvo can also help support the profitability of customers’ operations with a range of Customer Support Agreements, which offer preventive maintenance, total repairs and a number of uptime services.

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