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Press release

Volvo CE reveals latest technology in redesigned L350H

The all-new flagship of the Volvo wheel loader range features a 10% improvement in fuel efficiency and a host of other productivity improvements as well as a striking new design.

The largest in the Volvo Construction Equipment wheel loader range comes with new powertrain, new hydraulics, new operator environment and the toughest looking design in the industry, the hard-hitting L350H is the star of the show at ConExpo.

Engineered for efficiency, the L350H is fitted with next-generation hydraulics and powered by a Tier 4 Final D16J engine, for high torque at low rpm. The ideal partner for quarry production, the L350H now comes with a higher capacity 7.3 cubic meters (9.5 cubic yards) rock bucket, for maximum performance.

More production

The new load sensing hydraulic system works in greater harmony with the drivetrain, increasing response times (and lifting and lowering speed of the newly designed buckets) resulting in up to 5% faster cycle times. The hydraulic system and drivetrain improvements, coupled with the latest Volvo engine technology, make the L350H up to 10% more fuel efficient in comparison to the L350F it replaces.

To boost the machine’s performance and reliability, this robust loader has increased clearance between the rear fenders and tires, allowing greater access when fitting tire chains, thereby reducing the risk of damage to the body of the machine.

Efficiency as standard

The L350H is equipped with the latest technology dedicated to reducing fuel consumption and engine emissions. Volvo’s Fully Automatic Power Shift (FAPS) system allows for machine operation in the optimal, fuel efficient, gear, according to speed, kick-down and engine braking, enhancing fuel efficiency. This is complimented by an eco-pedal, with a push-back mechanism that engages when engine rpm is about to exceed the most economic operating range. Sensing the resistance, the operator can then reduce the pressure and continue within the fuel-efficient range. However, if full engine speed is needed, the eco-pedal mechanism can be overridden.

A comfortable ride

New from the inside out, the L350H has been built with operator comfort in mind. The industry-leading Volvo cab boasts excellent visibility, minimal noise and vibration levels, as well as Automatic Climate Control (ACC), to ensure an always comfortable climate in the cab. Controls can also be configured to suit operator preferences, adding to the overall comfort of the operator. 

The next generation Contronic monitoring system and digital display incorporate the latest improvements in intelligent Human Machine Interface (HMI). The system monitors operation and performance in real-time, providing the operator with all necessary machine information.

Safety and service

To make routine maintenance and daily service checks quick and easy, the design of the engine hood has been improved, allowing complete access to the engine compartment. Engine side hood panels and a platform around the cab also enable operators or technicians to move easily around the machine. 

Safety is demonstrated in all aspects of the new L350H, with ergonomically spaced steps on entry to the cab and sturdy handrails, for easy entry and exit. A remote door opener, operated via a button located on the rear left cab post, facilitates easy access to the cabin. In addition, LED lights, installed on the cab entrance, safely illuminate the area. When operating in the dark, long-life LED work lights and reflective stickers that follow the machines contours also help to increase machine visibility.

Operators can be sure of their surroundings with the optional rear-view camera, equipped with a new adjustable mounting bracket. New side-view mirrors also make it easier for the operator to safely monitor operations from all angles.

The redesigned flagship Volvo L350 is definitely the king of the pile with state-of-the-art performance for excellent results while ensuring optimum productivity in the most efficient way. 

Key specifications

Conexpo-2017-Volvo-CE-reveals-latest-technology-in-redesigned-L350H-02* Metric hp **Bucket: 7.3 m3 (9.5 yd3) straight edge with teeth and segments, Tires: 875/65 R33, Standard boom


Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment