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Press release

Volvo P4820D: From inner city to intercity

The new, compact P4820D ABG includes features more often seen in larger Volvo pavers, allowing it to handle both small inner-city jobs and bigger intercity projects. And with paving widths from 2 m-6.5 m – it’s a compact machine with big potential.
Volvo P4820D: From inner city to intercity

The new P4820D ABG from Volvo Construction Equipment is a highly versatile paver that can turn its hand to most applications, whether it’s paving walkways, parking areas, private drives, inner and intercity roads, gravel roads, national roads and even highways. The P4820D ABG is easily manoeuvrable and uses the latest advanced paver technology, making it perfect for a variety of jobs.

The P4820D ABG’s compact dimensions mean it’s possible to transport other equipment on the same vehicle. To obtain a lower transport height, the roof and exhaust pipe are easily raised and lowered, thus avoiding deviation when travelling through bridges or tunnels on the way to the job site.

The large hopper capacity provides uninterrupted material supply, keeping the paver moving at a constant speed and reducing stops and starts, for a smoother finish. A hydraulic front apron assists with emptying the front area of the hopper to avoid spillage and manual cleaning.

Built to last, Volvo’s long undercarriage design on the P4820D ABG – with automatic track tensioning system – has been improved for added reliability. The new-style bolt-on rubber track pad with a lube-for-life track chain provides greater ground contact compared to competitive brands

Control with ease

An advanced, Electronic Paver Management system optimises the paver for specific applications and increases overall machine control, allowing operators to focus on the job. The P4820D ABG’s settings manager feature allows operators to store and save customised settings for individual projects, achieving consistent quality from job-to-job. When encountering similar paving projects, the operator can recall saved parameters within the EPM 3, simplifying the initial machine set-up to begin paving quickly. Once paving is underway, fine-tuning can be made to optimize performance and productivity. 

The operator has full, unhampered visibility around the paver, hopper, auger channel and screed, for a clearer view, increasing performance and paving quality. The comfortable control area reduces operator fatigue for longer and more focused operation, while the level platform reduces the risk of tripping. The anti-skid deck plating and handrails provide stability when walking around the machine.

Pave the way in fuel efficiency

Volvo champions technology that reduces fuel consumption and enhances machine efficiency. Volvo’s Stage IV and Stage IIIA engines are powerful and efficient, designed to reduce fuel consumption and increase productivity. The new Volvo electronic intelligent system features the default Eco Mode that matches engine output during paving, thereby extending engine and component life. Eco Mode can reduce fuel usage by up to 30%, for more effective and efficient paving, while the EPM 3 monitors average fuel consumption, shows daily fuel usage and remaining fuel run time.

All Volvo pavers are designed to perform at remarkably low noise levels. By matching the engine output to the actual need, Eco Mode reduces the noise levels even further. This feature is particularly useful in city environments or residential areas where noise constraints are in place. The hydraulically driven, electronically controlled cooling fan regulates its speed as necessary, resulting in lower fuel consumption and yet lower sound levels.

The paver hydraulic system is matched to the Volvo engine to provide high performance, low fuel consumption, emissions and noise levels. Controlling engine speed in an intelligent way not only results in a highly efficient machine, but also maintains plenty of reserve power to handle the toughest application with ease. The hydraulic system generates the same powerful performance while using less fuel.

Six standard LED work lights aid operation in low-light conditions. Two lights shine forward, two illuminate the area behind the machine and two additional side lights are fitted to increase visibility and performance. The light setup can be optionally increased by using up to 10 LED lights or balloon lights.

Industry leading screeds

Volvo screeds are designed to give the best pavement quality, uniformity and smoothness. Versatile and effective in paving widths up to 6.5 meters, these industry-leading screeds can handle a wide range of materials. And, thanks to achieving a maximum degree of pre-compaction, rolling work is significantly reduced.

Two screed mounted control units provide operators with easy access to the screed and adjustment settings. The Screed Control Unit (SCU) allows the operator to easily control the functions of the screed and material flow. The newly designed SCU is flexible and can be rotated in any direction, as well as moved up and down for easier operator use.

Enabling the paving crew to meet various jobsite requirements, extensions can be added (or removed) in minutes, with no special tools required, thanks to Volvo’s quick coupling system. Volvo screeds have four guide tubes for each hydraulic extension. The rigid tubes work together to prevent the screed extensions from twisting when high forces are exerted on them. This produces a consistent, uniformly compacted smooth surface.

The screed tamper bars can be electrically heated for better performance and a smooth finish. The fully hardened tamper bar significantly extends the lifetime of the component. Tamper bars are easily replaced, increasing uptime while maintaining pre-compaction efficiency.

State-of-the-art service

To keep machines efficient and increase longevity, Volvo offers a number of component life-extending features for regular, quick and easy serviceability. The EPM 3 can display an automated management system that notifies the operator of required, or scheduled maintenance. It alerts operators to routine service needs, daily checks, longer interval service requirements and any overdue maintenance. The system stores information and retains a service history record. Additionally, the on-board MATRIS machine information system supports optimized operation by tracking activity characteristics and identifying opportunities for improvement – resulting in better economy and reduced wear. Volvo dealers can provide expert analysis of machine operating activity via this tool.

Improved service access from the platform provides ease of maintenance, reduces downtime and minimizes operational costs. All daily routine maintenance and fuelling can be performed quickly from the platform, saving operators time and effort.


Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment

Key specifications:

Model P4820D ABG
Basic Paving Width 2.5 m 8.2 ft
Max Paving Width 6.5 m 21.3 ft
Max paving thickness 300 mm 11.8 in
Paving output 500 t/h 1,102,310 lb/h
Hopper capacity 12.5 t 27,560 lb
Exhaust emission COM Stage IV COM Stage IIIA /EPA Tier 3
Engine Volvo D4 J Volvo D4 E
Power 98 kW/133 hp @ 2,200 rpm 96 kW/131 hp @ 2,200 rpm