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Volvo digs up another profitable solution

The new Dig Assist machine control solution from Volvo Construction Equipment offers unmatched controllability and accuracy – maximizing the productivity and safety of any operation.
Volvo digs up another profitable solution

Volvo Dig Assist from Volvo Construction Equipment unlocks the full potential of the machine’s productivity. Utilizing the on-board display of the Volvo Co-Pilot your partner in the cab, operators can quickly and independently manage all operations with ease for greater productivity and safety to ensure more profitable production.

Profitable performance

Thanks to the intelligently designed system, operators can simultaneously produce high quality work more precisely and reduce material wastage. The fully customizable Volvo Co-Pilot’s on-screen light bar display notifies the operator when the target grade is reached, minimizing rework. To ensure the accuracy of operations, the integrated system features the Dig Assist ‘follow a line’ functionality, which provides clear guidance enabling operators to dig trenches with greater precision and confidence. With a 3D view of the machine’s movement in real-time, Volvo’s intuitive and integrated system provides full control, thus eliminating the need for manual digging depth and alignment checks, improving productivity results by up to 50%.

In-Field Design

The optional In-Field Design functionality eliminates the need for engineers and surveyors to set-out the basic profiles and volumes, thereby further enhancing operator productivity and independence. While on the go, the operator can easily design and place 3D profiles and user-defined 3D volumes with total accuracy using Volvo Co-Pilot. With all the integrated functionality at their fingertips, the operator can easily determine the angle and distance along the trench, across the foundation and down the slope.

Tilt rotator and tilt bucket integration

Steelwrist® tilt rotators and standard tilt buckets are fully integrated into Volvo Dig Assist, unlocking the full digging capability of these advanced buckets.

Safe and easy operation

The solution is designed not only for productivity and profitability of operations, but also with the operator’s safety and usability in mind. Volvo Co-Pilot features audio and visual alerts that inform the operator when pre-set height and depth operating limits are met, thereby reducing the need for additional onsite personnel, such as grade checkers around the machine improving safety and enhancing operator autonomy.

Volvo Co-Pilot is easy to operate, even for less experienced operators. With a touch of a button, the operator has access to on-display tips, providing all the tools and information they need to optimize independence and uptime. For added operator support, technical assistance is provided by Volvo’s extensive dealer network, available everywhere.

Everything in one package

 Initially available on the EC220E and EW160E, Dig Assist is designed by Volvo for select Volvo excavator machines. The integrated system is programmed according to the precise machine size and model, and includes all the hardware needed for all applications. The move from 2D to In-Field Design is enabled via over the air updates.

Steelwrist® is a registered trademark of Steelwrist AB.


Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment