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Volvo Co-Pilot ensures a precise and profitable performance

The intelligently-designed interactive display from Volvo Construction Equipment offers real-time insight into work performed by select Volvo machines, ensuring the highest standard of efficiency and accuracy in any application.
Volvo Co-Pilot ensures a precise and profitable performance

Volvo Construction Equipment has developed Volvo Co-Pilot, a cutting-edge on-board display for select Volvo machines. The high definition touchscreen is the operator’s partner in the cab, providing unrestricted access to all the integrated functionality required to unlock a Volvo machine’s full performance potential. Delivering a range of productivity, fuel efficiency, uptime and safety solutions, the industry-leading 10 inch display gives the operator and owner all of the information they need to ensure highly productive – and profitable – operation.

Keep the production up and running

Whether compacting asphalt, digging trenches or loading heavy-duty material, Volvo Co-Pilot offers unmatched controllability, ensuring maximum accuracy and uptime across a variety of applications and machines. But Volvo Co-Pilot can’t do it alone. The interactive display works simultaneously with Volvo Assist, which so far, is comprised of Load Assist for wheel loaders, Dig Assist for excavators, Compact Assist for asphalt compactors and Pave Assist for pavers. Volvo Co-Pilot is designed to work seamlessly with each application, providing real-time operational data for a responsive, harmonious and efficient operating experience.

Utilizing Volvo Co-Pilot, the operator has simple and easy access to all the unified functionalities of Volvo Assist, which is factory-fitted to select Volvo wheel loaders, excavators, asphalt compactors and pavers. With machine, job and material information at their fingertips, operators can do more work per liter of fuel, maximizing fuel efficiency and productivity.

In addition to guaranteeing precise performance, the heavy-duty display is designed to keep production running – at capacity. Regardless of the job, Volvo Co-Pilot ensures it will be completed on time. Thanks to Volvo Co-Pilot and the total synchronization with Volvo Assist, both the operator and the machine achieve greater uptime to keep the job on schedule and the business profitable.

Safe and easy operationVolvo Co-Pilot ensures a precise and profitable performance

Not only does Volvo Co-Pilot make light of heavy-duty jobs, but it also minimizes interruptions in the workflow for greater onsite safety. The ergonomically-positioned display reduces operator interaction with fewer on-screen menus, helping to keep the focus on the task at hand. When pre-set operating limits are met, Volvo Co-Pilot alerts the operator through audio and visual signals. Utilizing this intelligent technology, movement around the machine is eliminated as well as the need for additional onsite personnel, improving safety and operator autonomy.

With Volvo Co-Pilot, the operator can quickly and independently manage all operations with ease. The on-board display is intuitive enough to operate with minimal training and provides on-screen tips, optimizing ease of operation and uptime. Operators can also customize functions and targets in seconds and easily monitor the progress of their work with greater independence and confidence.

Room to grow

With a 14 GB internal hard drive, Volvo Co-Pilot provides approximately seven months of space to store ample detail of the machine’s performance and productivity. This information enables customers to opportunity to analyze machine usage and identify areas for improvement.

When ordering one of the optional Volvo Assist solutions, customers will automatically receive the Volvo Co-Pilot, which is constantly improved by Volvo engineers. Committed to ongoing and future support, Volvo is developing the Volvo Co-Pilot to provide extended functionalities focused solely on the customers’ needs. Volvo’s extensive dealer network is the best partner to meet business needs, including machines, attachments, parts, warranty and services. 


Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment