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Certified Rebuild Program breathes new life into Volvo machines

The newly-introduced Certified Rebuild Program from Volvo Construction Equipment protects the finances of longstanding customers by restoring the original strength, durability and power of their existing Volvo machines.
Certified Rebuild Program breathes new life into Volvo machines

Volvo Construction Equipment launches its new Certified Rebuild Program to ensure a long lifespan for Volvo machines. Comprised of three packages – Certified Hydraulics Rebuild, Certified Powertrain Rebuild and Certified Machine Rebuild – the Volvo Certified Rebuild Program extends the life of Volvo machines without compromising the environment or customers’ finances.

Large or small, the Certified Rebuild Program finds the gap in a Volvo machine’s performance, bringing equipment back to its best and optimizing the long-term investment value at a fraction of the cost of a new model. By reducing the total cost per hour by 8%, the program enables customers to optimize their cash flow and extend their budget.

Rebuilt by Volvo

The program not only lowers costs, but also maximizes the productivity and uptime of existing equipment, rebuilt to perform almost as if it had just left the production line. With the Certified Rebuild Program, customers can experience all the performance and uptime expected from a new machine.

Volvo Certified Rebuild Program enables customers to get back on track more efficiently in their newly rebuilt machine, delivered on time by their certified Volvo dealer. Available every step of the way, Volvo dealers plan machine restoration to fit customers’ schedules and provide regular progress updates to ensure the rebuild is completed on time. As an added bonus, customers have the opportunity to modify their machines during the rebuild process to match specific applications and exceed jobsite requirements.


Volvo offers a range of flexible Certified Rebuild packages tailor-made to meet customers’ needs. As with all the Certified Rebuild packages, a team of skilled Volvo technicians perform a detailed machine assessment and consider individual working environments for potential modifications. To optimize the value of customers’ investments, Volvo certified dealers consider everything – from budget and machine status to business objectives and applications – and customize an offer perfectly matched to their needs.

Certified Hydraulics Rebuild

For those concerned about the operating speed of their excavator, Certified Hydraulics Rebuild is an offer to consider. With a quick and simple assessment of the machine’s hydraulic components performance, a Volvo technician can evaluate the amount of work needed to achieve optimum performance. With Certified Hydraulics Rebuild, customers can expect an efficient solution that requires minimal technical operations and delivers 100% restored hydraulic performance.

Certified Powertrain Rebuild

If a customer is experiencing a decreased level of machine productivity, a certified Volvo dealer can help by assessing the vital components and develop a solution to bring the full built-in Volvo quality back to life. With this option, customers can experience once more the performance and uptime they would expect from a new machine. Utilizing the latest engineering updates, Certified Powertrain Rebuild restores fuel consumption, offers greater flexibility with a range of Volvo Reman components and secures high uptime.

Certified Machine Rebuild

To Volvo, age is just a number. That’s why Certified Machine Rebuild is specifically designed for customers who want their older assets to look and perform like new. Those who opt for this offer receive a complete rebuild of their machine inside and out, including the powertrain and hydraulics, as well as the latest engineering updates and a fresh coat of paint. It’s important to keep both customers and operators happy, which is why we pay close attention to ensuring the most comfortable and productive operator environment. With Certified Machine Rebuild, customers can keep their Volvo a Volvo by extending the life of their hardworking machine.

More information on these new services and their availability can be obtained by customers from their local certified Volvo dealership.


Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment