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Press release

Volvo launches P5320B ABG paver in India

Built on 50 years’ experience in the road construction industry, Volvo Construction Equipment’s new P5320B ABG paver provides outstanding performance, durability and ease of operation in paving widths of up to seven meters.
Volvo launches P5320B ABG paver in India

The new Volvo P5320B ABG paver is designed to achieve optimal power, efficiency and quality in medium and large-scale projects, involving paving widths from 2.5 to 7.0m. The best-in-class power of the 88 kW (118 hp) D5 engine is capable of pushing 25-ton trucks and pulls the Volvo screed with ease, even at maximum paving width. Furthermore, this high power is delivered with minimal noise and low fuel consumption, making the P5320B ABG paver an environmentally-conscious choice. 

The hydraulic system is perfectly matched to the engine as well as all other components, from hopper to screed, to deliver consistent levels of flow and a smooth mat finish. This also ensures a long life, low maintenance and high traction performance. The hassle-free load sensing system is powered by a variable displacement axial piston pump. Meanwhile, the material handling system is designed to incorporate hard and extra thick, wear-resistant components, all delivering a long life while resisting wear from abrasive lay down material. The automatic full time track tensioning system maintains the correct track tension for smooth operation, while reducing track wear and minimizing downtime.

The powerful tamping bar and vibration system delivers high pre-compaction density. A mechanical crown adjustment flexes the screed plate plus or minus three degrees. Using hydraulic telescoping cylinders, the screed features on-the-go width changes and add-on extensions for efficient and productive operation. The auger height can also be adjusted to improve material transfer and flow. Reversing the auger improves material control and reduces hand labour. The electronically-ignited gas heating system, designed with flame failure protection, quickly and efficiently heats the screen plate, while the LPG blower burner system provides uniform heat for a smooth mat finish with quality pre-compaction. 

Comfort, control, visibility

The operator remains in complete control of the paver at all times from a safe and comfortable seating position. Ergonomically-positioned controls on the central control panel slide to both machine sides, minimizing operator fatigue for a productive work shift. Paddle switches provide on-off control of the conveyor and auger, helping to provide uniform and consistent control of the material. The all-weather sunshade with open sides also helps to reduce fatigue, while ensuring good visibility. There is excellent visibility to the hopper, material delivery truck, auger area, material flow, screed and final mat for highly controlled and safe operation. Handrails and all-weather grip walk areas permit safe movement around all machine platforms. 

Finally, as with all machines from Volvo Construction Equipment, the Volvo P5320B ABG paver is backed by an extensive service network and genuine Volvo parts to ensure customers get the maximum uptime and profitability from their investment.


Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment

Key specifications:

Specification and Unit
Engine Deutz D5 (Tier 3)
.. Rated output at 2 200 rpm
.... SAE J1995 gross 88 kW
Maximum paving width 7.0 m
Max paving thickness 300 mm
Max paving speed 17 m/min
Hopper capacity 12 t
Max laydown rate 600 t/h
Operating weight 11.7 t*
Operating weight of screed 3.15 t** / 4.7 t***

* Tractor Only

** Screed Basic - 4.75 m

*** Screed - 7.0 m