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Press release

Volvo launches new pedestal frame double drum compactor

The DD105 from Volvo Construction Equipment – the first of a new generation of pedestal frame double drum compactors for the European market – is designed to achieve industry-leading fuel efficiency, combined with high productivity and performance.
Volvo launches new pedestal frame double drum compactor

Equipped with an advanced Stage IV Volvo D3.8 engine, the new DD105 compactor from Volvo Construction Equipment optimizes fuel consumption, while minimizing noise and emissions. This makes it an ideal choice for customers looking to limit both environmental impact and operating costs. The ECO mode reduces fuel consumption by up to 30% without affecting performance, while the auto idling feature automatically reduces engine speed to idle after five seconds. Furthermore, Volvo’s new eccentric design reduces vibration system start up power consumption by 50%, allowing the roller to operate effectively with the 85 kW engine even at high altitudes.

Not only a highly efficient machine, the Volvo DD105 also brings productivity to the fore – starting with operator comfort and control. The large expanses of curved glass, pillar-less forward view and adjustable steering wheel offer superb visibility of the jobsite, as well as unobstructed sightlines down to the drum and spray bars for maximum safety and rolling precision. Visibility can be improved further still by sliding or rotating the operator seat according to individual requirements. Meanwhile, the ergonomically-positioned controls and displays help the operator to keep an eye on the road at all times and avoid fatigue.

The efficient climate control ensures operator comfort, while the padded floor reduces vibrations and noise for a smooth and quiet ride. The positioning of the engine in the rear frame of the machine also helps to reduce noise in the cab. All these features combine to provide one of the most productive operator environments in the industry.

Maintenance made easy

Beyond operator comfort, the DD105 compactor’s impressive productivity is achieved through excellent durability and simple service and maintenance requirements that promote high uptime. The automatic variable interval water spraying system with triple filtration provides uniform drum coverage and variable flow, preventing material pick-up. Furthermore, the two water pumps alternate during normal operation. In the rare event of a pump malfunctioning, a constant flow of water to the drum surface can still be maintained.

The large 800 l water tank allows for increased refill intervals, also helping to increase uptime. Moreover, the tank’s low positioning affords the machine a low center of gravity for excellent stability and can be quickly and easily refilled at ground level. A single key provides access to the cab, engine and all daily service hatches, while fuses and relays are grouped together for speed and convenience. The water system’s ‘tool-free’ spray nozzles and screens can be easily cleaned and replaced in the event of a malfunction.

Primed for performance

The Volvo DD105 double drum compactor offers all this in addition to outstanding performance. Each drum is specially machined to ensure it is perfectly cylindrical for a smooth even finish, while the edges are chamfered to avoid marking the mat while rolling. Furthermore, the Automatic Slip Control (ASC) ensures excellent traction at all times. It guarantees even performance and is especially important when loading and unloading the compactor for transport – improving site staff safety and preventing damage to the road. With the Volvo DD105, the operator is equipped to achieve excellent compaction and a smooth and consistent finish whatever the site conditions.


Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment

Key specifications:

Model DD105
Operating weight (with cab) 10,500 kg
Weight at front drum 5,330 kg
Weight at rear drum 5,170 kg
Drum width 1,680 mm
Drum diameter 1,220 mm
Nominal amplitude (low/high) 0.44 mm / 0.87mm
Vibration frequency (low/high) 40 Hz / 50 Hz
Engine Volvo D3.8, EU Stage IV
Rated power at installed speed 85 kW at 2,600 rpm