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Press release

Volvo H-Series wheel loaders give a high performance in heavy-duty operations

The new H-series wheel loaders from Volvo Construction Equipment handle heavy-duty tasks with ease for excellent performance, optimum profitability and outstanding fuel economy.
Volvo H-Series wheel loaders give a high performance in heavy-duty operations

The L150H, L180H, L180H HL (High-Lift), L220H and L250H wheel loaders from Volvo Construction Equipment are built to deliver the ultimate performance. These machines are equipped with Volvo’s OptiShift technology, eliminating power losses in the torque converter and reducing fuel consumption by up to 18%. Combined with Volvo CE’s patented Reverse By Braking (RBB) technology, OptiShift boosts productivity and efficiency in all applications.

RBB is ideal for short cycle or truck loading applications – sensing the loader’s direction and slowing the machine by applying the service brakes automatically. This increases fuel efficiency, improves operator comfort and increases machine lifetime.

Volvo’s load-sensing hydraulics and a robust Tier 3/ Stage IIIA Volvo engine supply power to the hydraulic functions according to demand, to boost efficiency and lower fuel consumption. The system ensures a fast response for shorter cycle times while delivering smooth operation through superior control of both the load and the attachment.

A smooth ride

These wheel loaders are equipped with ideally-matched, all-Volvo powertrains. The L150H, L180H and L220H feature Volvo’s unique Torque Parallel (TP) linkage that delivers high breakout force and excellent parallel movement throughout the entire lifting range. The Volvo L250H features Volvo’s proven Z-bar linkage, providing high breakout force for strong, powerful digging in hard materials and facilitating quick load cycles for increased productivity.

The L150H, L180H and L250H can also be equipped with an optional Boom Suspension System (BSS) to further boost productivity by up to 20%, absorbing shock and reducing the bouncing and bucket spillage that occur when operating on rough ground. The combination of sturdy tires, BSS and additional counterweight means that these machines can fit a larger rehandling bucket, resulting in increased productivity in rehandling applications.

The BSS comes as standard on the L180H HL. This machine, designed to achieve unrivaled lift height and reach in log handling applications, also features a log pusher to increase stack height by up to 30%. For comfort and safety, the log pusher is operated by two push buttons in front of the hydraulic control levers. 

Work in comfort

A spacious ROPS/FOPS certified cab provides a comfortable operating environment with ergonomically placed controls, ample storage space and a comfortable seat with three point seat belt and seat belt warning. With low internal noise levels and vibration protection, operators will experience a productive work shift. The L150-250H feature an industry-leading air filter system that allows 90% of the cab air to be recirculated through the filter for effective continuous dust removal.

Volvo also offers a variety of options to improve safety and visibility when working in the dark, including reflectors which follow the contour of the machine, LED entrance lights and additional work lamps to increase visibility.

The L150H, L180H and L220H boast viscous cab suspension that reduces vibration and noise, increasing operator comfort and performance. The spring added into the mounts also improves shock absorption to increase productivity.

Wear is reduced in the L180H HL thanks to a hydraulically-driven cooling fan that protects the machine’s vital components from damage by overheating. To further increase safety, an optional fire suppression system, consisting of up to 16 nozzles, is automatically activated inside the engine compartment when necessary.

Simplified servicing

Daily service checks can be carried out quickly and simply, thanks to ground level grouped service points, helping to achieve maximum uptime from each machine. Each cab can be tilted through 35° or 70° via a hydraulic pump to provide easy access to the vital components, and the wide engine hood opens electronically to ensure servicing is quick and easy.

Both front and the rear axles feature an axle oil circulation feature, which allows oil to circulate and cool inside the axle. A hydraulically-driven cooling fan protects the machines’ vital components from damage by overheating. The fan activates automatically only when needed to limit fuel consumption and noise, and can be reversed to allow self-cleaning of the cooling units. The machines’ electronics support preventive maintenance and diagnostics for maximum uptime. Waterproof sealed connectors protect each machine’s reliability and increase its longevity. 


Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment

Key specs:

L150H L180H L180H HL L220H L250H
Engine D13E D13E D13E D13E D13E
.. Rated output at 1 300 r/min 1 300 - 1 400 r/min 1 300 - 1 400 r/min 1 300 - 1 400 r/min 1 400 r/min
... SAE J1995 gross 220 kW 246 kW 246kW 274 kW 298 kW
... ISO 9249, SAE J1349 net 220 kW 245 kW 245 kW 273 kW 296 kW
26.5 R25* /
775 / 65 R25*
26.5 R25* / 775 /
775 / 65R29*
29.5 R25* /
875 / 65R29* 
29.5 R25* /
Breakout force 202 kN 239.9 kN n/a kN 255.9 kN 323.4 kN
Tipping load at full turn 15 970 kg 18 860 kg n/a kg 20 980 kg 22 440 kg
Bucket capacity 2.7 - 9.5 m3 2.7 - 9.5 m3 n/a m3 2.7 - 9.5 m3 5.1 - 10.2 m3
Log grapples 1.1 - 2.4 m2 1.1 - 2.4 m2 3.2 - 3.8 m2 1.1 - 2.4 m2 n/a m2
Operating weight 24.1 - 25.6 t 27.0 - 28.4 t 33 - 34 t 31.2 - 33.1 t 34.0 - 35.3 t