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Press release

Volvo H-Series wheel loaders master durability and efficiency

With an efficient Stage IV engine and Volvo’s unique Torque Parallel linkage, the new L60H, L70H and L90H wheel loaders from Volvo Construction Equipment are optimized to deliver outstanding fuel efficiency without compromising on performance.
Volvo H-Series wheel loaders master durability and efficiency

The new L60H, L70H and L90H wheel loaders from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) are versatile machines equipped with an industry-leading cab and efficient engine for increased productivity and reduced fuel consumption in a variety of applications. 

Each machine features a robust powertrain, designed and built by Volvo CE. Thanks to years of development, this Volvo Powertrain offers unrivalled durability and longer component life. Equipped with a Volvo 6-liter diesel Stage IV engine, these wheel loaders deliver high torque at low engine rpm for industry-leading performance and fuel efficiency.

The L60H, L70H and L90H are built with Volvo’s unique Torque Parallel (TP) linkage for the best in versatility and front visibility. The TP linkage combines the benefits of the Z-bar and parallel linkage to deliver high breakout torque and excellent parallel movement throughout the entire lifting range. The operator has full control over the load for increased safety and productivity. Double seals on all linkage pins retain lubricating grease and prevent dust for outstanding durability and long machine life, and the TP linkage geometry provides excellent bucket roll-back angles for increased stability and less spillage.

A durable performance

For enhanced durability, these machines are equipped with a counter shaft transmission that can endure high levels of stress, and various tailored settings can be selected by the operator to match all applications from short cycle truck loading to long distance load and carry operations.

For more versatility in all applications, these machines are equipped with a 100% differential lock on the front axle, which provides outstanding traction and rimpull on soft and slippery ground, minimizing wheel spin and tire wear.

Efficiency as standard

These wheel loaders are equipped with the latest technology dedicated to reducing fuel consumption and engine emissions. The L60H, L70H and L90H are equipped with an Eco-pedal featuring a push-back mechanism that engages when engine rpm is about to exceed the most economic operating range. The operator senses the resistance and reduces pressure to continue within this range. If full engine speed is needed, the push-back mechanism can be easily overridden. 

Designed to deliver an outstanding performance every time, these wheel loaders feature load sensing hydraulics that perfectly match power to the application, increasing fuel efficiency and precision. This system makes power available for rimpull, providing easier penetration for increased productivity. With help from the variable displacement piston pumps and precision control levers, hydraulic power is delivered according to demand. 

When compared to previous models, the L90H delivers increased engine power, torque and an improved hydraulic flow rate. The excellent engine output and hydraulic flow ensures harmony between the drivetrain and the hydraulic system for improved fuel efficiency. This machine is also equipped with a longer wheel base for outstanding stability.

Comfortable control and easy service

The L60H, L70H and L90H are built with operator comfort in mind. The industry-leading Volvo cab boasts unparalleled all-round visibility, minimum noise and vibration levels, and effective climate control. An intelligent HMI system informs the operator of all necessary machine information for easy control, peace of mind and reduced fatigue. 

Standard Automatic Heat Control (AHC) and air conditioning ensure a comfortable environment inside the cab, and Volvo’s industry-leading air filtration system allows 90% of the cab air to be recirculated through the main filter for continuous dust removal and a cleaner environment. 

These machines are designed to make routine maintenance quick and easy. The one-piece motorized engine hood opens at a wide angle, providing full access to the engine compartment and engine maintenance points, strategically grouped together for fast, easy service checks.

Perfectly matched

The Volvo L60H, L70H and L90H wheel loaders offer more flexibility with a wide range of Volvo attachments and the TP linkage. Each attachment is perfectly matched to the machine’s link-arm geometry for maximum breakout, rimpull and lifting force. 

These models can be fitted with the improved Volvo general purpose bucket, designed for high productivity in a variety of materials, or a robust Volvo light material bucket for efficient handling low density materials.

Volvo’s material handling arm further extends a machine’s versatility and the option of Volvo’s pallet fork frame with pallet fork tines allows a machine to handle, load and move pallets of building material, drainage pipe, lumber, or loose items around the uneven terrain of a construction site.


Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment

Model specifications

Model L60H L70H L90H
Engine D6J D6J D6J
Max. power at 23.3-30.0 r/s
(1400 – 1800 r/min)
23.3-28.3 r/s
(1400 – 1700 r/min)
23.3-31.7 r/s
(1400 – 1900 r/min)
ISO 9249, SAEJ1349 net 123 kW (167 hp) 127 kW (173 hp) 137 Kw (186 hp)
Breakout force 84.9 kN*
(19,090 lbf)
96.5 kN**
(21,700 lbf)
137.7 kN***
(30,960 lbf)
Static tipping load at full turn 7 630 kg*
(16,820 lb)
8 500 kg**
(18,740 lb)
9 700 kg***
(21,400 lb)
Buckets 1.6-5.0 m3
(2.1-6.5 yd3)
1.8-6.4 m3
(2.4-8.4 yd3)
2.1-7.0 m3
(2.7-9.2 yd3)
Log grapples 0.7-1.3 m2
(0.8-1.6 yd2)
0.9-1.5 m2
(1.0-1.8 yd2)
1.3-2.4 m2
(1.6-2.9 yd2)
Operating weight 11.0-13.6 t 12.7-15.5 t 14.5-17.3 t
Tires 17.5R25, 20.5R25

*2,1 m3 (2,7 yd3) STE P BOE ** 2,4 m3 (3,1 yd3) ***2,8 m3 (3,7yd3) STE P BOE

(1400 – 1700 r/min)
( 19,090 lbf)
( 16,820 lb)