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Press release

Volvo ECR145E and ECR235E provide a powerful performance that lasts

The new E-series crawler excavators from Volvo Construction Equipment deliver increased productivity and fuel efficiency, while ensuring a low total cost of ownership.

The ECR145E and ECR235E from Volvo Construction Equipment are equipped with a powerful, efficient Tier 4f/ Stage IV engine and have been designed with a short swing radius for operation in confined spaces without compromising on performance.

The ECR145E and ECR235E offer an integrated working mode system to optimize fuel efficiency, reduce running costs and increase productivity. The operator can choose the best work mode to ensure the correct configuration for any job. These machines have been built to tackle a range of applications, and an excellent system design is combined with a durable undercarriage to ensure impressive tractive force when climbing gradients, as well as when traveling over both rough and soft terrain.

Comfortably in control

Built with the operator in mind, the newly designed Volvo cab is equipped with a roll-over protection structure (ROPS) for increased operator safety. The spacious cab features a large glass front and side for high visibility and ease of operation, and a wider entrance ensures improved access. A well-positioned, long vertical windshield wiper provides the best possible coverage for the front window for comfortable and accurate operating. 

An improved climate control system, displayed on an 8” LCD monitor, allows for easier controllability and greater operator comfort. An industry-leading air circulation and defrosting system speeds up the heating and cooling process for a more comfortable working environment. 

To further enhance controllability, these machines feature a keypad that allows operators to navigate through different settings on the 8” LCD monitor and activate machine functions in a safe and comfortable way. The functionality of the camera, air conditioning and lights can be customized through the keypad and configurations can be saved for added convenience. Bluetooth and a hands-free function have also been added so the operator can connect to wireless functions. In addition, the windshield wipers, camera, audio mute and power max function can be assigned to a shortcut button located on the joystick, so the operator can control the selected function by pressing a button.

A winning combination

The ECR145E and ECR235E have been designed to provide a low total cost of ownership. A winning combination of enhanced hydraulics, improved ECO mode and convenient service access contributes to lower overall costs and higher productivity.

An optimized hydraulics system is combined with the fully electronic control system to improve controllability and response time. This system works in harmony with Volvo’s unique ECO mode, which optimizes the hydraulic system to reduce flow and pressure losses in order to lower fuel consumption. To further lower fuel consumption, these machines are equipped with an auto idle and engine shutdown feature, which reduces engine speed to idle when the controls are inactive for a pre-set amount of time between three and 20 seconds. If the machines are left idle for longer, the optional auto engine shutdown feature will automatically turn off the machine.

Punched anti-slip plates and handrails ensure superior grip and added safety when performing maintenance checks and services. The ECR235E is further equipped with foldable guardrails to ensure safer access and ease of transportation. To increase machine longevity, Volvo has designed both of these machines with grouped filters and centralized greasing points, accessible from ground level. 

Work with the best

These excavators are compatible with a range of durable attachments to increase versatility. A password protected attachment management system allows storage of up to 20 different attachments, allowing the operator to pre-set hydraulic flow and pressure inside the cab through the monitor.

The machines can be equipped with a General Purpose or Heavy-Duty bucket, each perfectly matched for digging and rehandling in all conditions. They provide maximum productivity, long life and feature original Volvo wear components.

Volvo also offers a full range of quick couplers, including its dedicated S-type and symmetrical couplers that reduce a loss of break-out force and perfectly match Volvo attachments. The HB-Series of hydraulic breakers are optimized to the specific weights of Volvo machines and tailored to Volvo quick couplers for swift, safe and simple attachment changes. They are available with a full assortment of tools.

Volvo’s tilt rotator can be ordered factory-installed with multifunctional joysticks and a color display that’s fully integrated into the machine’s system. The new series of Volvo Aggressive Cut excavator buckets are perfectly matched to the factory-installed tilt rotator.

 ECR145E and ECR235E are available in North America and in regulated markets in EMEA and APAC.


Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment

Key specs:

ECR145E Metric Imperial
Engine D4J D4J
.. Rated output at 33 r/s (2 000 r/min) 33 r/s (2,000 r/min)
.... ISO 9249/SAE J1349 net 89 kW 119 hp
Breakout force* (Normal/Boost) SAE J1179 80.5 / 85.4 kN 18,100 / 19,200 lbf
Bucket capacity 0.25-0.82 m3 0.33-1.07 yd3
Max digging reach* 8 360 mm 27'5"
Max digging depth* 5 530 mm 18'2"
Lifting capacity along undercarriage* 3 700 kg 7,960 lb
... at reach / height 6.0 / 1.5 m 20 / 5 ft
Operating weight 14 435-16 677 kg 31,770-36,790 lb

* 4.6m boom, 2.5m arm / 15'1" boom, 8'2" arm

ECR235E Metric Imperial
Engine D6J D6J
.. Rated output at 30 r/s (1 800 r/min) 30 r/s (1,800 r/min)
.... ISO 9249/SAE J1349 net 128 kW 172 hp
Breakout force* (Normal/Boost) SAE J1179 125.0 / 132.2 kN 28,100 / 29,710 lbf
Bucket capacity 0.36-1.44 m3 0.47-1.88 yd3
Max digging reach* 9 890 m 32'5"
Max digging depth* 6 755 m 22'2"
Lifting capacity along undercarriage* 7 790 kg 16,770 lb
... at reach / height 6.0 / 1.5 m 20 / 5 ft
Operating weight 23 700-27 840 kg 52,250-61,440 lb

* 5.7m boom, 2.9m arm / 18'8" boom, 9'6" arm

ECR145E and ECR235E are available in North America and in regulated markets in EMEA and APAC.