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Press release

Volvo EC750D gives a heavy-duty performance in tough applications

The new EC750D from Volvo Construction Equipment combines a robust design with a powerful engine for enhanced performance and a lower total cost of ownership when working in a range of heavy-duty applications.

The EC750D crawler excavator from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is built to deliver superior productivity and efficiency in a variety of heavy construction applications. Equipped with a new Volvo D16 Tier 3 engine, this machine provides increased horsepower and fuel efficiency in combination with a robust design to ensure a low total cost of ownership. This powerful engine works in harmony with an improved, Volvo-designed electro-hydraulic system, which uses intelligent technology to control on-demand flow and reduce internal losses in the hydraulic circuit. 
This machine incorporates Volvo’s unique integrated work mode system, through which operators can choose from a range of modes for optimum performance. When the operator selects the best work mode for the task at hand – I (idle), F (fine), G (General), H (Heavy) and P (Power) – the rpm is already set for maximum efficiency. The machine also includes larger buckets for faster and more efficient on-site production.
A comfortable, low noise cab with adjustable seat increases operator efficiency to further improve production. Volvo’s industry-leading cab boasts superior visibility from large expanses of front and side glass with slim cab pillars and the spacious environment provides ample storage and leg room.

Prime performance

The EC750D is equipped with efficient technology to ensure outstand digging force in any application. With improved stability, tractive force and Volvo’s unique ECO mode, this machine offers improved cycle times for outstanding performance.
This excavator’s constant high system pressure delivers greater digging force and reduces cycle times, particularly when working with hard and heavy materials. For more power, better productivity and increased manoeuvrability, the high system pressure and durable track ensure impressive tractive force when climbing gradients and travelling over unstable ground. A wider track gauge and heavier counterweight improve stability even when working in challenging environments.
The Volvo hydraulic system leads to a powerful combined pump flow to the bucket for smooth operation, improved cycle time and increased fuel efficiency. The optional boom float delivers more control, minimizes operation costs and maximizes uptime. In addition, the ECO Mode optimizes this hydraulic system to reduce flow and pressure losses. It is automatically selected but can be switched off via the keypad.

Tried and tested

Built with durable Volvo components, a reinforced structure and machine protection, the EC750D has been designed to last. Robust parts and easy service access increase uptime and keep maintenance to a minimum to reduce operating costs. Volvo’s tried and tested components have proven to be reliable even in the toughest applications, delivering maximum uptime.
The reinforced heavy-duty boom and arm are built from high strength tensile steel to increase reliability, even in severe applications. Steel strips are welded under the arm to further increase protection. The reinforced upper and lower frames are built to withstand tougher conditions for improved durability and reliability. The strengthened idler frame, track links and bottom rollers are designed and built for constant impact. Built-in heavy-duty plates provide additional protection to the underside of the machine to prevent damage from rocks and debris.
Grouped filters and an electric distribution box are easily accessed via the wide-opening compartment doors and walkways. Greasing points can be accessed in one machine position and the EC750D’s design facilitates easy cleaning, inspection and maintenance for increased uptime.

Work in harmony

To ensure increased productivity and profitability, the EC750D works in harmony with a range of durable Volvo buckets and attachments. The machine can be fitted with Volvo’s heavy-duty bucket, built using wear resistant plates, which excels at digging compact materials including loose rock, hard clay and gravel – perfect for quarrying and mining applications.
Volvo offers a Universal quick coupler which perfectly matches Volvo’s bucket range. The Volvo Universal quick coupler also picks up a variety of attachments from various manufacturers and the Volvo front-pin lock quick coupler meets the latest safety regulations.
The machine is also equipped with a password-protected attachment management system, allowing for storage of up to 20 different attachments. The system allows the operator to pre-set hydraulic flow and pressure inside the cab through the monitor, which ensures the use of various attachments for increased versatility. A wide range of Genuine Volvo wear parts are offered with the machine to protect the entire bucket, including teeth, adapter, segments, side cutter and shroud. 


Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment

Key specs:

Engine D16E
... Rated output at 1 800 rpm
... ISO 9249/SAE J1349 net 374 kW
Breakout force* SAE J1179 325 kN
Bucket capacity 3.3-5.16 m3
Max digging reach* 11 460 mm
Max digging depth* 7 210 mm
Lifting capacity along undercarriage* 26 110 kg
... at reach / height 6/1.5 m
Operating weight 72.7-74.7 t

* 6.6 m boom, 2.9 m arm, 12 700 kg CWT