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Volvo 1.5-2t excavators pack a mighty punch

Belying their small stature, the EC15D, EC18D and EC20D excavators from Volvo Construction Equipment are powerful machines that are easy to operate, delivering hard work through long hours.
Volvo 1.5-2t excavators pack a mighty punch

The new D-Series compact excavators from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) – occupying the 1.5-2t weight category – feature a D0.9A Volvo diesel engine that meets the latest EPA Tier 4 emission regulations. Emissions are further kept to a minimum thanks to the optional automatic idling system, which reduced engine speed to idle if the controls are inactive for more than five second. If the machine is left idling for longer, the engine can be automatically shut down. This then stops the hour meter, leading to longer service intervals, lower operating costs and ensuring a better resale value for the machine.

And that’s not all. The EC15D and EC18D also come with a 12% increase in lifting capacity compared to previous models and can now be equipped with an additional rear counterweight for even greater stability. With an optimized digging equipment, these powerful compact excavators allow the operator to stretch further, dig deeper and reach higher.

Easy to operate

The Volvo cab helps to promote high productivity from the operator. It is safe and easy to access via a wide door with three contact points or, when fitted with a canopy, using a large handrail. With superior noise and vibration insulation, excellent all-around visibility, and no extra pedals on the floor, it provides excellent operator comfort throughout the day. All controls are ergonomically placed and the large travel pedals allow the operator to easily maneuver the machine in tight spaces. The fingertip roller offers precise boom offset and convenient attachment use. To achieve maximum efficiency, a high speed travel switch is located on the dozer blade lever for fast backfilling sessions, while a single-acting auxiliary button on the front of the right joystick ensures easy hydraulic breaker operation.

Built to last

When it comes to durability these compact excavators pack in decades of Volvo engineering with additional D-Series refinements. The tough rear counterweight provides outstanding impact resistance and shields all vital components. The unique high-profile design is made from a single strong piece of cast iron that wraps around each side of the machine for superb protection. The flat, toughened glass used on the four sides of the cab guarantees that replacements can be fitted simply, quickly and expensively if damage occurs.

The robust dozer blade is equipped with a welded-on cutting edge for superior wear resistance and a durable upper lip provides added protection against damage in tough applications and excellent stiffness when using the blade as a stabilizer. The sturdy structure and the curved profile of the blade ensure outstanding performance whether dozing or back filling.

On the EC15D and EC18D the lifting cylinder is located on top of the boom, ensuring maximum protection against damage. A strong steel casing protects the boom cylinder on the EC20D. Furthermore, on the three models, most hoses are routed through the boom, for the ultimate in durability.

The swing frame, the boom and the arm ends are also cast for excellent stress distribution. Hardened pins and bushing are designed to keep tight pivot tolerances and secure for minimum wear. All these design features ensure the machine is ready to work year after year.

Simple servicing

Not only is the D-Series highly durable, it is also easy to maintain thanks to its excellent built-in service features. Daily service points are logically grouped under the wide-opening engine hood. With Volvo’s patented multifunctional hydraulic oil filter, filtration occurs when the tank is filled or topped up and before the oil returns back via the drain lines. A transparent bowl enables easy oil level checks and permits early detection of contamination.
Both the ease and speed of inspections, together with long 50-hour greasing intervals, increases uptime and encourages essential work to be carried out, enhancing machine lifetime.

Highly versatile

In addition to simple service requirements and excellent durability, the superb uptime of the D-series models is supported by their sheer versatility. The EC18D and EC20D’s undercarriage can be extended or retracted to suit jobsite requirements and a reduced width can be selected when passing through tight spaces. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art hydraulic system is primed to deliver superior performance no matter the application. The flow sharing system ensures the operator has precise control of simultaneous functions for efficient operation.

The boom is slightly offset to the left to maintain visibility when working in tight spaces. These machines are designed so that the swing post and cylinder stay within the tracks, avoiding the risk of damage to the machine when working alongside obstacles.

Customers can choose from a wide range of attachments, including general purpose buckets with bolted teeth, fixed and tiltable ditching buckets, as well as a range of Volvo breakers - delivering powerful impact energy and low noise levels. All attachments are fully supported by Volvo CE’s aftersales services. To facilitate a change of attachment, Volvo’s dedicated quick coupler picks up Volvo hydraulic attachments in both the face shovel and normal backhoe position.

When transporting it on a trailer, dedicated lifting points and an automatic swing brake ensure safe maneuverability. Meanwhile, Volvo’s simple and effective bucket transportation system also allows safe and easy travel. Transportation hooks are integrated into the bucket design, allowing it to carry up to two general purpose buckets by attaching them onto a ditching bucket and securing them against the blade at the end of the working day.


Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment

Key specifications:

Model EC15D EC18D EC20D
Engine D0.9A
Max. power, gross 12 kW (16.3 hp)
Bucket capacity 33 l 33 l 48 l
Break-out force, ISO 12.9 kN 12.9 kN 18.27 kN
Tear-out force, ISO 7.95 kN 7.95 kN 12.29 kN
Max. digging reach 4.046 m 4.046 m 4.362 m
Max. digging depth 2.323 m 2.297 m 2.557 m
Max. dumping height 2.582 m 2.605 m 2.810 m
Operating weight 1.64 t 1.77 t 1.95 t
Ground pressure 26.4 kPa 30.4 kPa 30.4 kPa