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Press release

The updated Volvo L350F provides the ultimate in comfortable productivity

New updates to the L350F wheel loader from Volvo Construction Equipment further enhance this versatile machine, increasing operator comfort and offering improved safety and maintenance features.
The updated Volvo L350F provides the ultimate in comfortable productivity

The L350F wheel loader from Volvo Construction Equipment is now in its 7th year of production. Working in approximately 50 countries around the globe, this highly productive machine is a trusted partner in a variety of heavy-duty applications. In 2014, Volvo CE incorporated a host of innovative updates into the L350F to enhance operator comfort, safety, and to further increase machine performance.

When introduced in 2007, the L350F represented a complete redesign of the Volvo wheel loader range. Production of the updated machines began in February 2014, and the new additions complement this original design, which originally introduced lock-up torque converters and boom suspension for load and carry operations, as well as industry-leading maintenance access.

A comfortable ride

The updated L350F has been built to enhance the operator experience for greater comfort and increased productivity during the working day. The new heavy-duty operator’s seat offers air suspension, a high back and head rest, and can be heated to ensure optimum comfort in cold conditions. The seat provides improved stability due to a new sliding mechanism, increased support and is equipped with more adjustment possibilities than its predecessor – including color-coded height adjustment and separate adjustment for the seat cushion. 

For further ease of operation, the entrance to the cab has been redesigned to allow the operator to enter the machine via steps over the rear tire fenders. These wide, ergonomically spaced steps and sturdy handrails provide safe and easy entry and exit, and the fenders swing out to provide access to the lower part of the engine access doors, increasing safety in both machine operation and maintenance. A new engine coolant inspection door has also been inserted into the top engine access door, further simplifying machine inspection.

A new remote door opener is now standard on the L350F, easily operated via a button located on the rear left cab post for comfortable access to the cab. A LED light has been installed at the cab entrance, safely illuminating the area. The operator activates the light by pressing the green button by the main switch. Once activated, the entrance light stays on for three minutes giving the operator ample time to climb up to or down from the cab. In addition, new LED travel lights have been mounted on the L350F for enhanced light performance and improved illumination of the job at hand.

Do more

The updated L350F has been designed to further boost the machine’s performance and reliability. Increased clearance between the rear fenders and tires now allows for the use of chains while working. Easily fitted without risk of damage to the body of the machine, chains extend the life of the tires.

A new intelligent hot shutdown system helps the operator to avoid shutting down the engine when it is too hot, reducing the risk of encountering the ‘hot engine shutdown’ error message. The system monitors the required engine low idle duration before shut down, and advises the operator when it is safe to shut off the engine. This functionality has the added benefit of increasing the service life of the machine’s turbocharger. 

A better choice

The options range for the L350F has also been updated, offering new additions to further enhance safe operation and machine performance. These options include long-life LED work lights and reflective stickers that follow the machine contours, increasing machine visibility when working in dark conditions. The monitor for the optional rear-view camera has been equipped with a new adjustable mounting bracket, in-line with the vision of the side-view mirrors, making it easier for the operator to safely monitor operations from all angles.

Working in a large range of applications, from mining to forestry, the updated L350F provides a state-of-the-art performance for excellent results, ensuring operator comfort and enhancing jobsite safety in all conditions.


Tiffany Cheng

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communication
Regions Asia and China
Volvo Construction Equipment

Åsa Alström

Head of Strategic Communications
Volvo Construction Equipment

Key specs:

Model L350F
Engine D16E
Max. power at 1,700-1,800 rpm 28.3-30.0 r/s
SAE J1995 gross 397 kW 540 hp*
ISO 9249, SAEJ1349 net 394 kW 535 hp*
Breakout force** 472.8 kN 106,280 lbf
Static tipping load at full turn 34,780 kg 76,677 lb
Bucket capacity 6.2-12.7 m3 8.1-16.6 yd3
Log grapples 5.5-6.3 m2 59.2-67.8 ft2
Operating weight 50.0-54.0 t 110,250-119,050 lb
Tires 35/65 R33 L5K

* Metric hp

**Bucket: 6.9 m3 (8.6 yd3) straight edge with teeth and segments, Tires: 875/65 R33, Standard boom